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Today's Programming

7:00 AM
Good Morning Great Lakes!
Live talk show with hosts Neil Schultheiss and Bambi LaRue, Miss Detroit Waterfront 1962. Guests include attorneys Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, discussing the latest in shipboard liability cases; actor Buck Naykid talks about his new action-adventure movie filmed aboard a Great Lakes freighter; and a preview of the latest boatnerd video, "World's Scariest Passing Situations in the Rivers."
8:00 AM
Boatnerd Weather
The latest weather from every port on the Great Lakes
9:00 AM
Live at the Soo
Watch live video from the Soo. E-mail the studio with your requests to
focus on the ships of your choice.
10:00 AM
Cabin Talk with Bertha Stuart
Hostess Bertha Stuart demonstrates how your servants can brighten up even the dreariest shipboard quarters.
Today's topic: Macrame your own foul weather gear.
11:00 AM
Great Lakes Gambit!
Boatnerds risk their lives in this hilarious new game show hosted by the legendary Wink Martindale.
NOON News from BNN
01:00 PM
On Deck with BNN!
Actual sailors demonstrate the shipboard arts.
Today's topic: How to hose off cable before stowing it.
02:00 PM
Lake Pets
Actual sailors talk about their favorite actual shipboard pets.
Today's topic: Fish.
03:00 PM
Galley Tyme with Twyla
Hostess Twyla Thorpe welcomes stewards from various ships into the
galley to learn their secrets for preparing dinner for 29.
Today's menu: Fish.
04:00 PM
Edmund Fitzgerald Investigation
Johnny Cochrane hosts this daily probe into the Fitzgerald sinking.
05:00 PM
Great Lakes Art
Host Carl Douglas interviews the only Great Lakes artist who hasn't
painted the Edmund Fitzgerald, and reveals how this artist miraculously survived the past 26 years on another planet.
06:00 PM
Straight Talk
A incisive look into the world of straightdeckers featuring a panel of
leading boatnerds. Today's topic: Should straightdeckers be cut down to barges? Damn the Accountants.
07:00 PM
How'd They Get So Fat?
Hollywood's hottest stars from the '70s take turns hosting this program
in which viewers send in their funniest videos of 1,000-footers.
08:00 PM
Special Programming
World's Scariest Overtaking Situations in the Rivers.
09:00 PM
Special Programming
When Canadian Straightdeckers Attack!
10:00 PM
Special Programming
World's Hottest Self-Unloaders (adult situations, language)
10:30 PM
Port Austin City Limits
Balladeer Harry Stuel sings his latest songs about the Great Lakes,
including "Vidal Shoal Blues," "The Great Seiche of 1957," and the jaunty "Whaleback March and Two-Step."
11:00 PM
Ship Erection
Lance Boyle hosts this nightly retrospective on ships built on the Great Lakes. Tonight, Lance looks back on the lakes' first hospital ship, the USS Pus.
Late Night With Live Cam!
Tonight live cam takes you aboard the Charles M. Beeghly for live video from the engine room and the pilothouse.
3:00 AM
Boatnerds at the Movies
A panel of boatnerd experts watch various movies and documentaries to see how many include Great Lakes ships passing in the background.
Tonight we watch episodes of "Victory at Sea" to see how many times the launching of Irving S. Olds is shown for two seconds.
4:00 AM
"Deckhand Cam" LIVE!
Tonight, "Deckhand Cam" is worn by a deckhand aboard Columbia Star as he hoses coal off the deck and sneaks in for a snack from the night locker.
5:00 AM
The Boatnerd
Tonight, The Boatnerd looks at the growing hobby of boatnerd
"re-enactors," who dress up in authentic sailor's clothing from decades past and painstakingly reenact shipboard life.
6:00 AM
Beavis and Boatnerd
The latest creation from Mike Judge features the famed Beavis with a new friend named "Boatnerd" as they check out "cool" boatnerd videos and songs.