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Sub Trade Exposed
BNN exclusive

For years it has been suspected that Great Lakes Freighters are ferrying nuclear submarines onto the Lakes.

The Boatnerd Network went undercover to expose this nuclear sub shuttle run.

The U.S. Navy has secretly transported nuclear submarines around the Great Lakes inside a specially designed ore carrier, the Sub Carrying Freighter (SCF).

The submarines entered and exited the ship through doors in its bow. Inside the ship, submarines can be serviced, and crew members relax with amenities such as racquetball courts and saunas.

The Navy occasionally will put the submarines to work, removing the nuclear missiles from the vessel and using the empty silos to carry cargoes of stone or iron ore.

The Navy is considering discontinuing the program because of growing discontent among submarine crews, who found the night life to be too boring in various Great Lakes ports.

This never before seen photo (fake) shows the U.S.S. Wyoming exiting a SCF above the Soo Locks.

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