Niagara's Shipbuilding Heritage
By Skip Gilliham

This 22 page booklet outlines the long heritage of shipbuilding in the Niagara region of Ontario. It contains 26 photos with color on the covers.

The various shipyards, from 1828 to the present, are noted including the famed Shickluna, Muir Bros and Port Weller Dry Docks as well as lesser known yards. Examples of the different types of ships are noted, often with a photo illustration.

The publication is written by Skip Gillham and published by Glenaden Press. It was commissioned by Port Weller Dry Docks for distribution to their employees, retirees, area schools and libraries. The author obtained a limited number of copies for marine buffs and they can be ordered, while they last, from:

Skip Gillham
Box 443, Vineland, Ont., L0R 2C0.
The price is $8.00 which includes postage.



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