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Boatnerd Logo Stickers and Patches
Boatnerd 4 x 4 Exterior Bumper Stickers or Interior Window Static-Cling logos are now available. Identify yourself to other Boatnerds by showing your colors. These are high quality vinyl and weatherproof. Note: Interior clingers do not show well through tinted windows.

NEW - Embroidered cloth sew-on logo patches for your jackets, shirt, sweatshirt, your choice of locations. These are quality sew patches that will enhance your clothing. Patches are 3-1/2" wide and 3" high with a black border.

Prices are $5.00 U.S. Canadian. Prices include shipping, handling and all other expenses. Profits will be used to support the Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping website and the annual Boatnerd Gatherings.

Order by printing out this order form and mailing with your check or money order.


Name ____________________________________________________

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Please send me:           
Quantity _______    Exterior Bumper Stickers at $5.00 each - Total $_______

Quantity _______     Interior Window Clingers at $5.00 each - Total  $_______

Quantity _______     Cloth Sew-On Patches at $5.00 each -  Total  $_______

                                                                    TOTAL ENCLOSED  $________

US or Canadian Funds accepted at par.

Price includes all shipping and handling. Incorrect funds will be returned without merchandise.
Make checks and money orders payable to: Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping Online, Inc.
Send order form with check or money order only to:

Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping
1110 South Main St.
Findlay, Ohio USA 45840-2239