On a Personal Note…

Urbain Belliveau (1816 - 1897) was my great, great grandfather.  Ben Belliveau (1861 - ____) was my great grandfather who had 11 children. Three of the Belliveau ships were named after some of his daughters Rosalie, Emma, and Rose Anne who were my great aunts.  I am a descendent of Ben's son Louis Belliveau (1894 - 1977), who was my grandfather who had 15 children; his son Hector Belliveau is my father.

Growing up I was well aware of these ships that were in my family history and I knew my father had spent countless hours researching schooners to build outstanding models of these ships.  I would study those models for hours, but never really “understanding” everything I was looking at; all those sails and all that rigging, ropes and lines going here and there, it was confusing.  Steel ships, on the other hand, I seemed to grasp an understanding of even at a young age.

Drawing a Belliveau three-masted schooner is something that I have been thinking about for several years.  I would often think to myself “I study, research and draw all these ships that are around me and have yet to take a serious look at the very ships that were in my own family past”.  I guess it was all a matter of waiting until “the time was right” to accept the challenges I knew this would be and to learn something new.  I spent a lot quality time with my dad as we would get together often to go over every detail of the ship as I was drawing her, learning what the function of every one of those sails, lines and riggings were for.  I also learned a lot about my family ancestry and how they lived.  My dad remembers as a boy playing on the ships when they came into Belliveau Cove.  Little things he would remember and the stories are such priceless time capsules of a bygone era of these sailing ships.  Drawing the Emma Belliveau and building this website have been very personal and rewarding experiences for me.  I would like to create drawings of other Belliveau family ships in the future.  Why the Emma of the seven Belliveau ships? My wife Tina likes the name Emma…


A big “Thank You!” goes to….

My father Hector Belliveau, for sharing all his memories, knowledge, books, research and most of all patience with me on all aspects of this project.  My uncle Jean Belliveau for sharing his wonderful and detailed pen and ink drawings illustrating the construction process of a wooden three-masted Belliveau schooner and for the half hull model, it will always have good home here.  Karl Kuttruff, for all the kind offers of help and his love of wood built ships, (yeah, it is that “amazing stuff that floats!”).  Norm Hart for kindly sharing his schooner J. T. Wing blueprints which really helped get this project in gear in late fall of 2011. Alan Abraham, Hon. Alan R. Abraham, My wife Tina, my family, friends and co-workers who have had to bear with me as I carry on and on (and on and on and on) about my boats!

~John Belliveau (March 2012)

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