Three-Masted Schooners Models - By Hector Belliveau


In the 1960s my father, Hector Belliveau, researched the three-masted schooners he remembered seeing growing up in Belliveau Cove. He built these two outstanding models.  Every detail was researched and constructed as accurate as possible; they can even sail.  Each model has a complete hull frame system

and is planked like the real ships were. (All photos by Hector Belliveau)

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Construction pictures of the first model three-masted schooner


Pictures of the second three-masted schooner model. This one he named Helen Belliveau after my mother.

Under construction

On the very beach the real Belliveau ships were built and launched

Sailing in Belliveau Cove

Nice bow view

Port Side

Stern view

Starboard side

In a nice breeze

On calm "seas"

Bow profile

Sailing off



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