November 10, 1975 the bulk freighter Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior with all hands. To this day the cause of the sinking is still the subject of controversy and debate.

The Edmund Fitzgerald Interactive Explorer offers a complete source of information for those seeking knowledge of why the Fitzgerald may have sank.

The CD ROM contains over 591 Meg of AVI video clips. Everything From the construction to 3-D computer animations detailing what may have happened.

An 8 meg wav file of Captain Cooper's actual radio report sent to the Coast Guard informing them of the Fitzgerald's disappearance.

22K of images showing the history of the big Fitz and vessels involved in the search and various investigations.

Each major Investigation is represented on the CD ROM: images, interviews, video clips and more can be found.

The Edmund Fitzgerald Interactive Explorer is
divided into four main sections:

History This section contains information on the Fitz such asspecifications, video of the launch, information about the company that built her, the captains that sailed her, etc.
Final Voyage This section explains the final route of the fitz, has interviews of the captain of the Anderson, the ship that trailed the Fitz, information about the other ships that looked for her, etc.
Investigation All of the groups that investigated the sinking of the Fitz are discussed in this section. The groups include: The Coast Guard, Cousteau, Michigan Sea Grant, Harbor Branch, Expedition '94 and the Memorial Dive of '95. Along with their theories on the sinking, there are 3D animations to help explain them.
Explorer This is the section where you are put into a "virtual sub" to explore the shipwreck. The interface has a map of the site. The map has areas where you can click on to see the video of that area or brings up a model of that part of the ship which also has areas to click on to see the video.

Special file for the internet only!
99k Real Audio file of Captian Coopers report. The file has been compressed to allow for faster download times and does not reflect the quality of the .wav file found on the CD ROM.
Click here to listen
to the radio report
If you do not have the Real Audio player, please click here to down load.

The Edmund Fitzgerald Interactive Explorer is available from:
International Software Engineering or KnowYourShips.Com

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