VIDEO COVER The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigation was inspired by the success of the EDMUND FITZGERALD INTERACTIVE EXPLORER. which is only available for IBM users. A MAC version would be too expensive to produce, and we decided it would be better to create a VHS docu mentary with the information that everyone could use.

Created by IMAGEWORKS, Ltd.. the documentary includes interviews and video included in the ROM, but more importantly uses extra interviews that wouldn't fit on the disc. The half hour program also i ncludes more on the Fitzgerald's construction, and new information and comments from the men in charge of the 1989 3-D exploration of the Fitzgerald.

New interviews are also included with Capt Jimmy Hobaugh, the skipper who braved one of Superior's wo rst storms to look for survivors.

The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigation is the only videotape to chronicle ALL of the expeditions.. from the initial Coast Guard investigation to the removal of the bell in 1995.

The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigation Video is available from:KnowYourShips.Com

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