3rd Annual Winter Lay-Up List - 1996/97

2nd Annual Winter Lay-up - 1996/97

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Vessel Name

Lay-Up Port



Algoma Central

Agawa Canyon Sarnia Government Dock 01 Jan.
John B. Aird Sarnia North Slip 30 Jan.
Algobay Thunder Bay PASCOL Dry Dock 21 Dec.
Algocape Montreal 56 North 26 Dec.
Algocen Hamilton Pier 10 23 Dec.
Algogulf Montreal 56 South 24 Dec.
Algoisle Hamilton Pier 10 25 Dec.
Algolake Port Colborne Stone Dock 24 Dec.
Algomarine Sarnia North Slip 11 Jan.
Algonorth Thunder Bay Keefer Terminal 16 Dec.
Algontario Hamilton Pier 12 20 Dec.
Algoport Hamilton Pier 25 21 Dec.
Algorail Sarnia Sydney Smith Dock, end of Gov. Dock 23 Dec.
Algoriver Montreal 56 South 28 Dec.
Algosoo Hamilton Pier 25 17 Dec.
Algosound Windsor ADM Elevator 21 Dec.
Algosteel Sault Ste Marie Algoma Steel 08 Jan.
Algoville Windsor Morton Terminal 26 Dec.
Algoway St. Catharines Port Weller Drydock 04 Dec.
Algowest Thunder BayKeefer
Outside G.C. Leitch
25 Dec.
Algowood Welland Dock dock #10 13 Dec.
Capt. Henry Jackman Sarnia North Slip 02 Jan.
Sauniere Port Colborne Warf 18-1 29 Dec.

American Steamship

Indiana Harbor Duluth port terminal 05 Jan.
W. J. McCarthy, Jr Superior Midwest Energy 27 Dec.
St.Clair Superior Fraser Shipyards 31 Dec.
American Mariner Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 15 Jan.
H. Lee White Toledo CSX 29 Dec.
Charles E. Wilson Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 03 Jan.
American Republic Toledo CSX 31 Dec.
John J. Boland Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 03 Jan.
Buffalo Cleveland Collision Bend 09 Jan.
Sam Laud Toledo Toledo Shipyard 26 Dec.

Andrie, Inc.

Integrity Chicago ? 20 Dec.

Bethlehem Steel

Burns Harbor Milwaukee City dock/Jones Island 15 Jan.
Stewart J Cort Milwaukee City dock/Jones Island 17 Jan.

Canada Steamship Lines

Louis R. Desmarais Erie Erie's Shipyard 28 Dec.
English River Toronto Lafarge cement 18 Dec.
Ferbec Montreal ? 30 Dec.
Frontenac Thunder Bay Pascol Engineering 28 Dec.
Halifax Midland ON Ogilvie Elevators 28 Dec.
H.M. Griffith Thunder Bay Keffer terminal 28 Dec.
Manitoulin Erie Erie's Shipyard 26 Dec.
J.W. McGiffin Sarnia Sarnia Elevator 31 Dec.
Nanticoke Halifax,N.S. Grain Elevator 24 Dec.
Jean Parisien Erie Erie's Shipyard 25 Dec.
Stephen B. Roman Toronto Essroc cement 31 Dec.
Saguenay Toronto Cherry St. Bridge long term Nov.30,1992
Tadoussac Midland ON Ogilvie Elevators 23 Dec.
Tarantau Toronto Cherry street turning basin 23 Dec.

Cement Transit Company

Medusa Conquest Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 13 Jan.
Medusa Challenger Chicago Medusa Cement 13 Jan.

Cleveland Tankers

Gemini Toledo Toledo Shipyard in for work
Saturn In/Out

Coastwise Trading Company

Michigan/Great Lakes operates year-round

Desgagnes Transport Inc.

Amelia Desgagnes Montreal Section 56 -
Catherine Desgagnes Quebec City Section 107 -
Cecilia Desgagnes Montreal Section 56 -
J.A.Z. Desgagnes St-Joseph-de-la-Rive - -
Jacques Desgagnes St-Joseph-de-la-Rive - -
Mathilda Desgagnes St-Joseph-de-la-Rive - -
Melissa Desgagnes Montreal Section 56 -

Enerchem Transport Inc.

EnerChem Asphalt Les Mechines ? 15 Jan.
EnerChem Catalyst Montreal Section 25 6 Feb.
EnerChem Refiner Sorel ? 12 Jan.

Erie Sand Steamship Company

John R. Emery Sandusky Erie Sand dock 7 Nov.
Richard Reiss Erie, Pa. Erie Sand dock 20 Dec.

Inland Lakes Management, Inc.

J.A.W. Iglehart Detroit LaFarge dock 12 Jan.
Paul H Townsend Green Bay Lafarge 05 Dec.
E.M. Ford Saginaw LaFarge 16 Sept.
S.T. Crapo Cleveland G&W Dock 04 Sept.
Alpena Cleveland LaFarge Term. 12 Jan.
J.B. Ford South Chicago LaFarge Nov.15, 1985 (Milwaukee)

Inland Steel Company

Edward L. Ryerson Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding Long term Jan. 24,1994
Joseph L Block Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 2 Feb.
Wilfred Sykes Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 31 Jan.
Adam E. Cornelius Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 26 Jan.

Interlake Steamship Company

Paul R Tregurtha Cleveland Cuyahoga County Port Authority 19 Jan.
James R Barker Duluth Port Terminal 09 Jan.
Mesabi Miner Duluth Hallett 5 15 Jan.
Charles M Beeghly Detour ? 06 Jan.
Elton Hoyt 2nd SuperiorFraser Shipyards 27 Dec.
Herbert C Jackson Detroit Rouge Steel 15 Jan.
J.L. Mauthe Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding
(conversion to barge)
07 Jan.
Moved 02 Dec. from Superior City Dock. Has been in long term lay -up since July 5,1993

Lakes Shipping Company

Lee A. Tregurtha Duluth Fraser Shipyards 13 Jan.
Kaye E Barker Duluth Hallett 5 15 Jan.
John Sherwin Superior Superior municipal dock 02 Dec.
Moved from Superior, Fraser Shipyards. Has been in long term lay -up since Nov. 16,1981.

Stinson, Inc

George A Stinson Toledo CSX 28 Dec.

Lower Lakes Towing

Cuyahoga Port Stanley ? 03 Jan.

Litton Great Lakes Corporation

Presque Isle Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 12 Jan.

Kinsman Lines

Kinsman Independent Buffalo Lake & Rail 14 Dec.
Kinsman Enterprise Buffalo Lackawanna Dock 13 Dec. 1995

Lake Michigan CarFerry

Badger Ludington LMC Slip 1 13 Oct.
City of Midland Ludington LMC Slip 3 Long term Nov.18,1988
Spartan Ludington LMC Slip 3 Long term Jan.20,1979

Oglebay Norton

Columbia Star Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 14 Jan.
Armco Toledo Torco 07 Jan.
Reserve Toledo Toledo Shipyard 31 Dec.
Middletown Toldeo Torco 03 Jan.
Courtney Burton Toledo Torco 09 Jan.
Fred R. White Toledo Torco 14 Jan.
Wolverine Cleveland Ontario Stone 09 Jan.
Joseph H Frantz Toledo Hocking Valley 24 Dec.
Buckeye Toledo Hocking Valley 04 Jan.
Oglebay Norton Toledo World Terminal 14 Jan.
David Z. Norton Cleveland Ontario Stone #4 04 Jan.
Earl W. Oglebay Toledo Torco Dock 29 Dec.

P&H Shipping Division

Mapleglen Owen Sound Great Lakes Elevator 01 Jan.
Oakglen Goderich Goderich Elevators 22 Dec.

N.M. Paterson & Sons

Cartierdoc Toronto Pier 54 13 Dec.
Comeaudoc Montreal Pier 1 North, Old Port 04 Dec.
Mantadoc Port Colborne Wharf 19E Maple Leaf Mill 24 Dec.
Paterson Montreal Shed 10, King Edward Pier 20 Dec.
Windoc Toronto Pier 51 19 Dec.
Quedoc Thunder Bay Paterson Dock Long term Dec.20,1991
Vandoc Thunder Bay Paterson Dock Long term Dec.21,1991

Socanav Inc.

Socanav Bankrupt, fleet in Montreal

Upper Lakes Group Inc.

Canadian Century Hamilton Pier #26 (Eastport) 24 Dec.
Canadian Enterprise Hamilton Pier 10 21 Dec.
Canadian Explorer Toronto Pier 35 14 Dec.
Canadian Leader Toronto Pier 51 16 Dec.
Canadian Mariner Hamilton Dofasco 21 Dec.
Canadian Miner Thunder Bay Pascol Dock 22 Dec.
Canadian Navigator St. Catharines Port Weller Drydock
(conversion - self unloader)
19 Dec.
Canadian Olympic Nanticoke Ontario Hydro West Dock 7 Feb.
Canadian Progress Port Colborne Lock 8 South East ?
Canadian Prospector Windsor Morton Terminal 26 Dec.
Canadian Provider Port Colborne Lock 8 South East 16 Dec.
Canadian Ranger Montreal Shed 3, Alexandra Pier 30 Dec.
Canadian Trader Montreal Shed 4, Alexandra Pier 30 Dec.
Canadian Transport Port Colborne Nanticoke (hydro)? 13 Jan.
Canadian Venture Thunder Bay Pascol Dock 19 Dec.
Canadian Voyager Hamilton Dofasco Dofasco 25 Dec.
Gordon C. Leitch Thunder Bay Keefer 23 Dec.
James Norris Hamilton Pier #25 (Eastport) ?
Montrealais Montreal M-2 25 Dec.
Quebecois Port Colborne Wharf 18-3 Valley Camp 23 Dec.
Seaway Queen Toronto Pier 35 22 Dec.

Upper Lakes Barge

McKee Sons & Olive L. Moore Escanaba North Reiss Coal 15 Dec.

Upper Lakes Towing

Joseph H. Thompson & Jr. Escanaba ? 04 Jan.

USS Great Lakes Fleet

Edgar B. Speer Duluth Port Terminal 09 Jan.
Edwin H. Gott Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 17 Jan.
Roger Blough Duluth Port Terminal 1 15 Jan.
John G. Munson Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 29 Dec.
Arthur M. Anderson Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 02 Jan.
Cason J. Callaway Superior Fraser Shipyards 06 Jan.
Philip R. Clarke Superior Fraser Shipyards 02 Jan.
George A. Sloan Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 19 Dec.
Myron C Taylor Sturgeon Bay Bay Shipbuilding 12 Nov.
Calcite II Superior Fraser Shipyard 05 Nov.

Please send any updates, corrections or new information to ncschult@oakland.edu
February 19, 1997

A sincere thanks to:
the Port of Toronto; Lake Carriers Association; P. Schultz; "Great Lakes Shipping; A Guide" by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District; Bob Martel; Mark Brown; Marine Publishing; and all those who contributed to this list.

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