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Sun rise finds us docked at the West Pier above the Soo Locks

0 degree Fahrenheit air temperature.

Water temperature is warmer than the air, causing "Sea Smoke" to form.
Edgar B. Speer clears the locks upbound
USCG Neah Bay heads out for icebreaking 

Mackinaw follows 
Sewell Avery dock face at the Export Dock.
Gros Cap Light
Mackinaw's bell
With traffic moving the crew practices an emergency drill.
Drill has the crew simulating abandoning ship.
Reviewing the exercise.
Stewart J. Cort upbound
Drill complete back underway
We continue work to create a second track in the ice for two way traffic.
 mackinaw3-25-02-ns-(64).jpg (59703 bytes)    
Mesabi Miner upbound
We stop for the night in Whitefish Bay
The crew positioned the Mackinaw for a great 3/4 bow picture into the late day sun.
We are standing on water 330-feet deep.
Inside officers enjoy dinner
Low winter sun
Moon rises over the Mackinaw.

Sunset on Lake Superior 
  fromicewmoonbig3-25-02-web.jpg (160662 bytes)  
Panoramic from ice
sternicepanocaptweb.jpg (51132 bytes)  
Panoramic from ice
 sunsetbridgepanoweb.jpg (22734 bytes)
Panoramic of Sunset on the bridge 
MAC-019.jpg (98519 bytes)
Cmdr. Nickerson photo of the Mackinaw
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