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Sunrise on Lake Erie

Our planned escort of a tug and barge changed when the pair canceled their trip.

A patch of open water offers the opportunity for ice rescue training.

Reviewing the exercise.

Onto the ice.

See the video section for more on the exercise.

Walking back to open water.


Into the lake.

One of the crew members informs me that timing today is critical, it's hamburger day for lunch!
mack1-22-03-ice-lifering.jpg (91053 bytes)
Stern view

Mackinaw's towing notch.

Ice liberty

Out come the Frisbees and footballs.

Crew poses for a group shot.
A few seconds earlier they had lined up when the ice let out a loud crack! We all moved away from the Mackinaw.

Back in time for lunch.

XO  takes the Mackinaw upbound.

Detroit River Light.

Lower entrance to the Livingstone Channel.

Livingstone Upper Light.

Cmdr. Nickerson and XO bring the Mackinaw to dock in Detroit.

Tied up for a nice night shot.

The city was providing free water and dockage.

We depart upbound.

We will pick up escort of the Capt. Henry Jackman in the lower St. Clair River.

Jackman is loaded with salt for Conneaut, Ohio.

CCGS Samuel Risley is escorting the Jackman through the St,. Clair River and will hand off to use.

Stopping by the Ship's Store for a sweat shirt.
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