Wartime beginnings

HIstoric picture from the airIn February 1942, the United States government announced plans to spend an estimated $8 million to build a state-of-the-art icebreaker incorporating successful design ideas found on a fleet of privately owned rail ferries in service at the Straits of Mackinac that were capable of operating in heavy ice. Such a vessel was essential because a longer shipping season was needed to help vessels move vital raw materials on the Great Lakes during World War II. At the start of the conflict, all available cutters had been called to wartime duty leaving the Great Lakes with no available icebreakers.

Construction continued at Toledo Shipbuilding Co. for more than two years. Delays lead to stiff penalties for the shipyard, so severe the company went bankrupt. The project was completed by the American Shipbuilding Co., and the vessel was side-launched on March 4, 1944.

Her name was originally to have been Manitowoc, but that was changed before the Mackinaw entered service when it was discovered another government vessel already carried that name.

With fitout complete, she was commissioned on Dec. 20, 1944 at a final cost of $10 million, an enormous amount for the day. One of four “heavy” class icebreakers built for wartime service (the others were Northwind, Southwind and Westwind), the Mackinaw was the only one assigned to the Great Lakes.

Mackinaw's 2005 replacement icebreaker of the same name cost 80 million dollars, the same amount as the original if the 1944 construction price was figured in 2005 dollars.

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Mackinaw_04231967_edit.jpg (102345 bytes)
"The Great White Swan" 04-23-1967, location and photographer unknown. Marc Vander Meulen collection
Mackinaw_helicopter_edit.jpg (82299 bytes)
State Dock, Mackinaw City, in 1959, with HO3S-1G, No. 235 helicopter (and piano). Marc Vander Meulen collection
Mackinaw_Crapo_03161949_edit2.jpg (74226 bytes)
Cutter Mackinaw just ready to let lines go on Str. Crapo after she had brought the Crapo from Russell Island to Puttygut Road tied into her notched stern. March 16, 1949. Marc Vander Meulen collection
USCGC-MACKINAW-001.jpg (84355 bytes)
 1960’s in Greys Reef Passage some time between November 1962 and February 1964. Chuck Mosher Mackinaw 63-65
MACKINAW-2.jpg (44356 bytes)
Mackinaw assisting V.W.Scully in Whitefish Bay, late March 1975. Graham Grattan
MACKINAW-&-V.W.SCULLY.jpg (64675 bytes)
Graham Grattan
St.-Marys-River-Ice-Jam---Jan-'78.jpg (53765 bytes)
Upbound Lake Nicolet during the ice-jam of January 1978. Graham Grattan
12_01291971.jpg (150977 bytes)
Mackinaw downbound in the MacArthur Lock on 29 January 1971. Photographer unknown Marc Vander Meulen collection.
14_01291971.jpg (209526 bytes)
 Mackinaw downbound in the MacArthur Lock on 29 January 1971. Photographer unknown. Marc Vander Meulen collection.
P1020697.jpg (41275 bytes)
 April 2006. The last transit of the Upper St. Marys River. Graham Grattan
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