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Lindberg 1/82 scale model Diesel Tug

The model is a detailed easy to build kit of the U.S. Army "ST" (small tug) type tug boat.  These were produced for World War II and many survive today.  Working on the Great Lakes is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tug Forney and the William C. Selvick. The Gaelic Tug Boat Company of Detroit operated the Kilkenny in the 1970's which was one of these tugs.

The kit is inexpensive and easy to convert to R/C.  This page will provide details on how to build your own working model.  I chose this model as a nice diversion from my computer work, since this was my first attempt to build an R/C model I searched the web for a site to help me along. Not finding what I needed this page was created to help anyone else thinking about the kit.

I chose to purchase mostly pre made components.  The kit can also be made using parts you make your self. 

The easy to build kit as it arrived from Bearco Marine Model
o order the kit visit they charge $22.00 for the kit 
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