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Parts List
Parts List - R/C tug Kilkenny as built

I built the model with a powerful motor with the thought of building a barge for it to push. With all the gear (motor, shaft, speed control, 4AA's) it has the draft of a real tug but I did not like the way the bow looked.  I decided to make the hull 1/4" deeper with styrene, this step was easy even for a beginner like me. One option would be to buy a hull that is all ready 1/4" deeper. To build a model with less power see listing to the right.  Click here to read how I built the Kilkenny

There are three companies you'll need to order parts from.

1.) Model Kit Bearco Marine Model
To order the kit e-mail they charge $22.00 for the kit.
(Request the Lindberg Tug Kit or the "Boatnerd one")

2.) Radio and speed control - Tower Hobbies
The 2 channel radio allows control of the rudder and speed controller.  The speed controller allows variable speed (both forward and reverse) and includes stop.

Radio: Tower Hobbies Brand 2TS 2Ch (No Servos) -- $29.99**

DuraTrax ESC-100 Speed Control (This can be omitted but the boat will run at a constant speed forward)  -- $29.99

3. Hobby Lobby - Motor, shaft, prop and servo
Motor and shaft - Comes as 1 pre-assembled piece

Order GR1039 Multispeed 380 Boat Drive  (The smaller one in the photo.) -- $34.70
HTS081 Hitec HS-81 Sub Micro Servo (used to move rudder) --$17.60
3 blade prop for 4mm threaded shafts.
(Choose right or left turn prop 30mm)
GR230830 30mm, R -- $3.20

Images of my project

**If you plan on building the R/C version please e-mail. Next season a group of us may meet to run the tugs and I would like to coordinate the transmitter frequency so they can all run at the same time.

Parts List - Other tugs

If you want to scratch build parts you could use a single servo for the motor and that allows variable speed but doesn't provide as much power. The Moonlight Modeler suggested this and Tom Hynes has built a few this way. The up side is it would be about $65 cheaper this way. You could also use a cheap motor from Radio Shack.

Click here for instructions to build using many scratch built parts.

**Inexpensive 2 channel radio with 2 standard servos. Use one servo for motor & one for rudder.

Here is a good site for scratch building stuff: (links at the bottom of the page)

**Radio Frequencies
Regulated by the FCC, your R/C transmitter must operate on a "Surface Craft" channel. In the future a group may meet up and run the tugs together.  Please use the table below as a guide to open frequencies.

75 MHZ
Ch Freq In use
61 75.410
62 75.430 X MD
63 75.450 XJC
64 75.470 X TH
65 75.490 X NS - RIII Spare
66 75.510 X TH - GG
67 75.530  
68 75.550
69 75.570
70 75.590 X NS VP
71 75.610 X ST NU
72 75.630
73 75.650 X NS KK - ST EB
74 75.670 X NS 4BB
75 75.690
76 75.710 X MD
77 75.730
78 75.750
79 75.770 X ST SIB
80 75.790
81 75.810
82 75.830
83 75.850 X ST SBT - NS GL
84 75.870
85 75.890 X ST HW
86 75.910 X JB FRNY - NS CB
87 75.930
88 75.950
89 75.970
90 75.990 X ST  Tug

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