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Please watch your step going up. The Pilot House which is located to your right as you climb the steps, houses the ship wheel. It is here the pilot maneuvered the lightship. The Radio Room, located behind the Pilot House, contains radio equipment for communicating with shore and other vessels. An amateur radio station now operates from this room. All licensed radio amateurs are invited to use the equipment. Please ask the Museum staff for more information. At the top of the Lantern Mast is the light which guided ships through the dangerous shallow area of Corsica Shoals. The HURON Lightship Museum is the only such vessel with an operating blinking light. This light can be viewed from shore after dark. The small boat on deck is called the Liberty Boat because it was used to transport sailors to shore who were off-duty, or "at liberty". Eleven men were the total crew; 7 to 9 were on board at one time.Tour of duty was 21 days aboard ship, 7 days off. Crew members were stationed on board between early April and late December, the shipping season. For safety, please be sure to turn around and back down the steps as you return to Main Deck.