Echo Soundings Marine News

Echo Soundings Marine News

Image of Book's Cover This quarterly publication of the Marsh Collection Society reprints the "MARINE NEWS" columns and other relevant articles from the Amherstburg Echo, beginning with the first issue in November, 1874. These weekly columns are a record of the ships that plied the Great Lakes, the brave people who sailed them and the dramatic events which unfolded on the "inland seas".

There are now 4 issues available: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall 1998.

We are now offering subscriptions. A 1999 subscription (4 issues) is $48 Cdn including postage, or $42 U.S.
Individual issues without a subscription are now $12 Cdn or $8 US plus postage.

Individual copies (including back issues) and subscriptions can be ordered by sending a cheque/money order for the appropriate amount to us (address below).

The Marsh Collection Society, a non-profit organization, is a local history research centre/archives in Amherstburg, Ontario. A large part of the collection relates to the marine history of Amherstburg, the lower Detroit River and the Great Lakes, and includes photographs, books, documents, postcards, artifacts and other items. This collection is the nucleus for a future marine museum.

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Material reprinted with the permission of the Amherstburg Echo and Bowes Publishers Ltd.

Return form with payment (in Canadian funds) to:

Marsh Collection Society
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Please make cheque/money order payable to Marsh Collection Society.

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