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The Windy Mackinac Bridge

Planning on crossing the Mackinac Bridge soon? Ever since a car was supposedly blown off the center span several years ago, the Mackinac Bridge Authority has had the following policy regard the effect of winds on traffic:

1. If the wind stays over 20 mph for five minutes, begin "Warning" mode.
2. If the wind stays over 35 mph for five minutes, begin "Escort" mode for wind-susceptable vehicles.
3. If wind stays over 50 mph for five minutes, "Stop All Traffic except passenger cars, vans and empty pickup trucks." Stop these vehicles as also if they are carrying or pulling ANYTHING.
4. If the wind stays over 65 mph for five minutes, "STOP ALL TRAFFIC."
5. After the winds have subsided for a period of 30 minutes, these conditions can be cancelled.

"Modes" are posted on lighted signs at each end of the bridge.


Detroit Free Press
November 14, 1882


Yesterday a very peculiar craft came dashing around Sandwich Point and made for the Odette & Wherry coal wharf, in Windsor (Ontario). The craft was a long, low black sidewheeler, with two smoke-stacks, one directly in front of the pilot-house, where the wheelsman could have a good view of it and nothing else, and the other aft, so as to obstruct the scope of his vision in that direction. The smoke-stacks were red with black tops and raked aft, giving the craft the appearance of an English dispatch boat As the (US Revenue Cutter) GEORGE M. BIBB had left Detroit, the port was relatively at the mercy of the stranger, and so much anxiety was felt that a reporter was at once sent to Windsor to find on what terms peace could be secured and our city saved from destruction. On arrival on the other side, the reporter found the steamer to be a peaceful wrecking tug with the warlike name of CONQUEROR. The tug was bound from Kingston to the Georgian Bay to rescue the steam barge GEORGIAN, which has been ashore on Club Island since Sunday, November 5 and which has very likely gone to pieces before now.

The CONQUEROR is an iron Clyde-built steamer 130 feet in length. She has two condensing engines thirty-four inches bore and fifty-seven inches stroke. They are beam engines but are so arranged that the beams are in the engine room instead of above the hurricane deck. Each engine works one wheel independently, but the two may be coupled so that they work together as if on one shaft The wheels have feathering buckets similar to those of the CITY OF CLEVELAND. Steam is furnished from the boilers, one forward and the other aft of the engines, and each boiler has three furnaces. Her officers claim that the CONQUEROR can make sixteen miles per hour and that she is an excellent sea boat. She came from Port Colborne to Amherstburg in 22 hours, with a very heavy sea, and almost every other boat on Lake Erie asking shelter. She has on board two 12-inch steam pumps and other wrecking gear, and tows the barge VICTOR from Windsor to be used as a lighter. The expedition is in the charge of Capt John Donnelly, who has had huge experience as a wrecker, and the tug is commanded by his son, Thomas Donnelly. Capt. E.A. Booth, of Ringston, is pilot. The CONQUEROR and outfit are the property of the Dominion Salvage and Wrecking Company.

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