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August 8, 2008

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Arthur M. Anderson on Lake Erie

Passenger lounge view from starboard side

View aft out the picture windows

Passenger lounge view from port side

Captainís chair in the pilothouse
The hat, stick and cookie device was created by the forward crew to encourage the captain to work harder on the exercise bike. Part of the camaraderie that is common on the ELR.

Approaching Welland Canal Lock Seven at night

In Lock Four waiting to be lowered

Looking aft after we are lowered

Ryersonís stack logo

Looking aft into Lock Four

The office and control center of the St. Lawrence Seaway

Another view back into Lock Four

Approaching the Glendale Bridge

Yankcanuck passing between Locks Three and Two.

A hydro electric plant under construction in the spillway next to Lock Two.

The hull of the Windoc at the former Port Weller Drydock.

Entering Lock One

Another hydro plant under construction in the spillway next to Lock One.

Two unidentified boats/tugs tied at McKeil Marineís dock below Lock One.

CCG Station Port Weller

Port Weller light

Burlington Pierhead light

Old Burlington Main Light

Canadian Leader ahead of us as we approach the unloading slip

Deck crew preparing to land

Ready to swing over

One man over

Second man over

Anglian Lady and barge headed to Toledo

Manning the winch controls

Ladder over to retrieve the men

Cinnamon and Maritime Trader at the J. R. Richardson dock

Removing the hatch covers

Tug Omni Richelieu assisting a salty across the harbor.

Salty headed for the Richardson dock

View of the bridge canes used for unloading

Another view

Montrealais waiting her turn under the cranes  behind us

Another view of bridge cranes

Another view

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