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Soo Gathering - 2008
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7/4 - BoatNerd Cruise as seen from shore - Dick Lund

Chief Shingwauk moves along the stern of the Indiana Harbor

Close-up as they head up the other side of the Indiana Harbor

The Chief comes about to follow the CSL Niagara

Close-up of the Chief Shingwauk

The Chief heads back up-river

6/29 - More Engineer's Day - BoatNerd News Staff

The official portrait.

American Victory in the MacArthur Lock

Algolake in the Poe Lock

Cuyahoga drawns the attention of photographers.

The Fairchild family tries out Doug's Memorial Bench.

Remembering Doug Fairchild.

A crippled Avenger VI being brought home by W. J. Scott Purvis.

Stern view of the two Purvis tugs.

Phillip R. Clarke

Former BoatNerd ready to board the Mesabi Miner as a brand new deckhand.

6/29 - Saturday at Mission Point and the Annual BoatNerd Cruise aboard the Chief Shingwauk

What are these people looking at?

There is a boat coming!

It is the Edward L. Ryerson.

A steamy salute.

and a stern view as the ELR heads for the locks.

Boarding the Chief Shingwauk

Nice evening for a cruise

Closing the gates behind us

The desert cake.

Checking out the Canadian Transport.

Flying the BoatNerd colors

Burns Harbor approaching the Poe Lock

Heading home.

The end of a great day in the Soo

6/28 - Engineer Day at the Soo Locks - Nate Gregorich

Cuyahoga downbound entering MacArthur Lock

Cuyahoga up close

Soo Locks Boat Tours, Nokomis entering Poe Lock

Purvis tugs leading the Tug Parade

Joyce B. Gardiner

6/27 - Scenes from the unofficial BoatNerd Picnic at Mission Point - BoatNerd News Staff

Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. VanEnkevort

Early arrival BoatNerds gather on Wednesday evening

Joyce L. VanEnkevort

American Fortitude

American Integrity

Edwin H. Gott


Kaye E. Barker early Thursday morning

Spruceglen before all the fog had burned off

James R. Barker

Unofficial BoatNerd Picnic getting started.

Presque Isle draws a crowd

Canadian Provider

Walter J. McCarthy Jr.


A rare "3 fer" below Mission Point

John G. Munson, Frontenac and Walter J. McCarthy, Jr

John G. Munson

CSL Tadoussac

Carrot Cake Lady puts the icing on her specialty.

Smart dog tricks entertain between boats.

American Mariner


John D.Leitch

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