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Soo Gathering - 2008
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7/11 - Engineer's Day at Sherman Park and 4-Mile Beach - Dick Lund

The Burns Harbor passes Algoma Steel as the Yankcanuck departs the mill.

The Charles M. Beeghly passes 4-Mile Beach and water is sucked away from the beach (note the line of pebbles in front of the water)

However, once the ship passes the water returns like a mini-tsunami

The wave passes where the Beeghly was in the first photo

The water wreaks havoc with the beach as the water comes in about 40-50 ft. past the pebble-line (above)

7/6 - Engineer's weekend traffic - Thomas Thelen

American Victory enters MacArthur Lock before the start of the open house.

American Victory in MacArthur Lock and Algolake in the Poe.

American Victory stirs the water as it leaves

Algosoo in the MacArthur Lock before saluting the crowd

Marlene Green entering the MacArthur with wind turbine masts.

Edgar Speer in the Poe Lock as Canadian Ranger enters the MacArthur Lock.

Canadian Ranger in the MacArthur Lock

Alpena going by Sherman Park on its way to the locks

American Victory close behind the Alpena on its downbound return through the locks

7/5 - Scenes from Soo Gathering 2008 - Cathy Kohring

Alpena shrouded in fog at Mission Point

Herbert C. Jackson entering the fog at Mission Point


Stern view

Mr. KYS and family saluting the Boatnerds on shore at Mission Point.

Very colorful Marlene Green and her cargo

Edward L. Ryerson "parked" downtown Sault Ste. Marie

Ryerson in the Mac Lock

Ryerson leaving the Mac Lock

CSL Niagara framed with stormy skies

Canadian Transports stacks

Industrial architecture of boat pipes

Canadian Transport under the International Bridge heading west

Sharp lines of ships stacks

Over the side

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