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L.E. Block History

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LE Block tow - July 9, 2006

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Tow passing Sarnia/Port Huron - BoatNerd.Com Staff

Tow completing its turn at 1 & 2

Close up of the L. E. Block

The dead-ship tow entering the St. Clair River

Shannon close up.

Bow close up with the Fort Gratiot lighthouse.

Trailing tug Carolyn Hoey close up.

L. E. Block stack.

Passing under the Bluewater Bridges.

Gaelic tug Shannon on the lead.

Carolyn Hoey is the tail-off tug.

Down at Buoys 1 & 2

Under the Blue Water Bridges



Heading for the Black River

Passing Cathcart Park near Sombra, ON - Bill Turner

Meeting the up bound Wolverine.

Tow passing Marysville and Marine City - BoatNerd.Com Staff

A little paint and she will look like new.

Marine City ferry Daldean
gets an up close look.

Passing Algonac State Park - Don Detlof

Passing Grosse Pointe - Bill Rapai


Passing Windmill Point - Michael Koprowicz

Meeting the J. W. Westcott -  BoatNerd.Com Staff

Saying "Hello" to Shannon's crew

Under the Ambassador Bridge.

A Gaelic/Diamond escort.

Headed for Detroit River Light

Views from the Diamond Queen - Andy Severson

The tow approaches the Diamond Queen dock

Stern view

Carolyn Hoey

Stern view of prop and rudder

The Iron deckhand

Close up of stack

Pilot house view

Lead tug Shannon

Carolyn Hoey controls the stern.

Stern view

J. W. Westcott comes out to greet the tow
and deliver supplies.

Bow view with Shannon leading

Up Close Shots - Wade P. Streeter and David R. Michelson

Shannon doing the hard work.

Carolyn Hoey along for the ride.

Tow master Capt. John Wellington
at the wheel of Shannon.

Shannon's Chief Engineer Jim Storen.

Remains of old lettering (1930-40's)
revealed by peeling hull paint.

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