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August 6, 2004

Compiled by George Wharton

The Soo 7/24/04 & Muskegon 8/01/04 by Rod Burdick

Great Lakes Trader moves into the Poe Lock.

Saltie Lake Ontario enters the MacArthur Lock.

Lake Ontario departs the MacArthur Lock.

Indiana Harbor enters the Poe Lock.

Paul R. Tregurtha and Cedarglen lock down.

Atlantic Superior leaves the MacArthur Lock.

Paul H. Townsend unloads cement at Muskegon, MI.
Cote Ste. Catherine, QC by Kent Malo 8/04/04

Anna Desgagnes loading for the Arctic communities.

Ocean Intrepide on her way with Ocean Jupiter to refloat the Gordon C. Leitch.

Ocean Jupiter.
Cleveland & Detroit by Mike Nicholls 8/04/04

English River unloading at the Lafarge Dock in Cleveland.

Lee A. Tregurtha inbound on the Rouge River at the Fort St. Bridge.

Canadian Progress upbound at Grassy Island.

Canadian Progress stern view.

Wolverine upbound at Grassy Island.

Wolverine stern view.

Fred R. White Jr. downbound at Grassy Island.

Fred R. White stern view.

Playfair upbound at Grassy Island.

Playfair another view.

Playfair stern view.

Playfair stern another view.
Quebec City by Gordon Williams 8/03 - 05/04

Tanker Amalienborg upbound on the St. Lawrence River.

Container ship Irenes Synthesis downbound light.

CCGC Martha L. Black from above.

Tanker Stellar Voyager across the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City.

Cross-river ferry Alphonse Desjardins maneuvers up to the dock to unload.

Fleet-mate Lomer Gouin heads for the other side.

Large excursion steamer Louis Jolliet.

Hydrofoil passenger ferry Polina III in from Montreal.

Gordon C. Leitch downbound for the dock.

Gordon C. Leitch after turning 180 degrees and maneuvering for the river dock wall.

Bunge Elevators unloading arms emptying the Gordon C. Leitch.

Gordon C. Leitch stern view at the dock.

The large ferry C.M.T.A. Vacancier arriving.

Saltie Parat loading on the bay side of Bunge.

Saltie Shou Guang Hai across from the Parat.

Tanker Vindemia downbound.

CCGC Martha L. Black side view.

CCGC Martha L. Black stern view.

Le Groupe Ocean's Ocean Bravo and Ocean Charlie together.

Ocean Delta moored at the dock.
Recently from Port Huron by Frank Frisk

Lee A. Tregurtha crosses the start line of the 2004 Port Huron to Mackinac Race.

The Kaye E. Barker follows across the start line.


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