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August 13, 2004

Compiled by George Wharton

Trois Rivieres, QC by Neil Walsh

Tug Andre H. owned by a local towing company.

F.C.G. Smith tied up at the government dock with the Canadian Mariner aft.

Salty Milo upbound on the St. Lawrence River.

Salty Weston waiting for a berth and the Canadian Trader waiting for a scrap tow.

Upper Lakes tug Commodore Straits tied up behind the Canadian Mariner.
The Soo by Ben McClain 8/9 & 8/10/04

Algocape entering the MacArthur Lock.

Algocape downbound.

Spruceglen upbound.

Spruceglen stern view.

John G. Munson bow profile.

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. downbound.

Salty Andromeda entering the MacArthur Lock.

Salty Polydefkis.P upbound.

Kaye E. Barker upbound.

Kaye E. Barker another view.

Saginaw upbound.

Saginaw entering the MacArthur Lock.
Brevort, MI 8/05/04 and the Soo 7/24/04 by Rod Burdick

Richard Reiss backing into the Brevort, MI dock.

Richard Reiss backing, bow view.

Richard Reiss loading sand.

Richard Reiss loading sand (sunset, scenic view).

Indiana Harbor arrives below the Poe Lock at the Soo.

Close up of tug Joyce L. VanEnkevort and barge Great Lakes Trader in the Poe Lock.
Halifax, NS by Paul Beesley 8/05 & 8/06/04

One of those "mega yachts"!  You can tie up right in downtown Halifax.

Car ferry Dartmouth III, one of 3 sister-ferries, leaving Halifax for Dartmouth, NS.

Car ferry Halifax III arriving in Halifax.

Tug Point Chebucto returning to berth.

Tug Point Halifax outbound amidst traffic.

The "Busker Festival" in progress all along the water front; Rose trying to arrange events.

A peaceful cruise in Halifax harbor.

2001-07, the ex Canadian Coast Guard buoy ship/icebreaker Simon Fraser, and sister ship, the ex Tupper; awaiting disposal.
Oshawa, ON by Michael Balca 8/08/04

Wagenborg's Dutch registered Prinsenborg docked at Oshawa, ON

Port side view with cranes hard at work unloading wire spools.

Forward hatch open with wire spool in foreground.

Rear cargo hatch sliding shut.

Prinsenborg stern view.


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