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August 23, 2004

Compiled by George Wharton

Detroit River & Lake St. Clair activity by Capt. Wade Streeter 8/22/04

The Frontenac passing the stern of the J.A.W. Iglehart.

Stern to stern.

Barge Great Lakes Trader and tug Joyce L. VanEnkevort downbound at Belle Isle.

Bow of the J.A.W. Iglehart.

J.A.W. Iglehart downbound in Lake St. Clair.

Stern view.

Close up of the rudder and classic counter stern on the Southdown Challenger.

Engineer Kevin Rogers waving from the engine room gangway.

Close up of the stern as the Southdown Challenger passes by.

Wide view of the stern heading up the lake.

Southdown Challenger upbound off Belle Isle.

Southdown Challenger preparing to depart the Cemex dock in Detroit.  Note the Medusa billboards still on top of the silos.
Nicholson's Drydock and Detroit River activity by Mike Nicholls 8/23 & 24/04

Steamer Columbia in Nicholson's Drydock.

Close up of Columbia's hull.

Nanticoke downbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Barge St. Mary's Cement II and tug Sea Eagle II upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Tug Sea Eagle II.

Another view.

Algolake upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Canadian Transfer upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Barge 5501 and tug Tradewind Service downbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Tug Tradewind Service.

Another view.

Saltie Federal Ems (Cyprus) upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Saltie Bluebill (Antigua) downbound off the Rouge Short Cut Canal.

Stern view.

Frontenac unloading at ADM dock, Windsor, ON.

Stern view.

Tug Maine downbound off Rouge River.

Saltie Orsula (Croatia) unloading at Nicholson's.

Algomarine upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Earl W. Oglebay upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.
St. Clair River activity recently by Frank Frisk

Tug Magnetic

Algoisle downbound.

Cedarglen upbound.

Barge Pere Marquette and tug Undaunted.

Saltie Lady Hamilton.

Tug Demolen and barge.

Bow profile of the Lee A. Tregurtha.

Private yacht Barbara Jean.
Menominee, WI by Dick Lund 8/23/04

A bale of pulp is lifted off the saltie Voorneborg.

Turning around in the river at daybreak.

Heading down river.

Passing the Menominee North Pier Lighthouse.


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