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September 9, 2004(b)

Compiled by George Wharton

St. Clair River by Scott Tomlinson 9/04 & 9/06/04

Southdown Challenger downbound off a hazy Lake Huron.

Fellow "boatnerd" Wade Streeter on the bridge wing.

Stern view.

Buffalo passes upbound after the Challenger.

Her cabin under the bridges.

Stern view heading out into the lake.

AT/B combo Dorothy Ann and  Pathfinder departing the Marine City stone dock.

Cedarglen downbound as the AT/B pulls away from the dock.

Cedarglen passing by.

AT/B turns 180 degrees to head downbound.

Meanwhile the Cedarglen pulls away.

Turn completed, they follow the Cedarglen down the river.
Michipicoten at Toledo by Bob Vincent (courtesy of Dawn Roberts)

Flags on the mast including "Don't Give Up The Ship".

Crew member landing on shore.

Looking forward.

Looking aft.
Burns International Harbor by P. Zagorac 07 & 08/04

Atlantic Pride.

Federal Schelde.

Vectis Harrier.

U.S. Coast Guard at Michigan City.
The Soo area by P. Zagorac 08/04

Alam Sejahtera with tug Missouri assisting.

Into the lock.


American Spirit.


Federal Rhine.

James R. Barker.

John J. Boland.

Presque Isle


Stewart J. Cort

Crisp Point Light House.
From the deck of the 13' Boston whaler Ichthus by Roy Burmeister 9/05/04

The IT/B Joyce L. VanEnkevort and Great Lakes Trader nears the Bar Shoals Light.

Historical Perspective by George Thompson

Cleveland Cliff's Tom M. Girdler on the St. Marys River in the late 1970's.


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