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September 20, 2004 (b)

Compiled by George Wharton

On board the Peter R. Cresswell on Lake Michigan by Jim Zeirke 9/16/04
(After unloading cement clinker, the Peter R. Cresswell goes out into Lake Michigan to spend the night cleaning holds.)

Unloading cement clinker at Milwaukee.

Capt. Peter Schultz handling some of the paperwork, a staple of a Captain's everyday life.

Backing out of the Municipal Mooring Basin at Milwaukee.  At left is Lafarge Cement and just in front of it is the Great Lakes Towing facility.

Cresswell's horn, stack, lighted logo, and Seaway Marine flag.

The large amount of dust created by a cement clinker cargo is apparent in and around this mooring winch.  It will have to be cleaned before loading again.

Washing down the hold.

Sunset on Lake Michigan.  Cleaning the holds will take all night. They are scheduled back into Milwaukee at 6 AM.

Crew member is dwarfed by the size of the hold.  The residue to be removed is very apparent.

In the total darkness of the middle of the lake, the job continued by the light of the ship's searchlights.

The Cresswell arrived back in Milwaukee with time to spare.  Loading will take all day Friday and 8 or 9 hours on Saturday.
St. Clair River traffic recently by Frank Frisk

Southdown Challenger.

Wade P. Streeter waving from the bridge wing.

U.S. Naval Cadet training vessel Grayfox.
CCGS Samuel Risley on Lake Superior by Paul Beesley

Starting to exercise her fire monitors on Lake Superior.  One of the two monitors is active.

This photo gives an idea of the reach of each of the fire monitors.  The pump for the monitors is driven by a shaft generator.

As the Risley steams into the wind, she is soaked by the spray.  This fine spray  has a great cooling effect on any fire.  The Risley can mix an AFF Foam to help fight petroleum based fires.


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