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October 2, 2004

Compiled by George Wharton

Detroit River traffic by Mike Nicholls 9/30/04

Barge Labrador Spirit and tug Tony MacKay downbound at Mama Juda.

Stern view of tug and barge.

Tug Tony MacKay.

Stern view.

Barge McAllister 132 and tug W.N. Twolan downbound at Mama Juda.

Stern view of tug and barge.

Tug W.N. Twolan.

Stern view.

Barge Great Lakes Trader and tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view of tug and barge.

Tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort.

Stern view.

Le Levant (France) meets Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L, Van Enkevort.

Le Levant (France) downbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

C.C.G.S. Samuel Risley downbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Deck cargo C.C.G.S. Thunder Cape on board the Samuel Risley.

Buckeye upbound in the Ballards Reef Channel bound for Sterling Fuel and then to load at Calcite.

Stern view.
Marquette by Lee Rowe 9/29/04

David Z. Norton at the ore dock.

Bow view.

Moon over Marquette's upper harbor.
The Soo recently by Stephen Hause

Greek vessel Milo passes under the Mackinac Bridge.

Milo meet the Charles M. Beeghly on the St. Marys River.

Milo approaching Mission Point.

Algonorth upbound.

Cruise ship c. Columbus downbound.

Purvis tug Avenger IV with barge Chief Wawatam, the former Straits of Mackinac ferry, upbound.

Catherine Desgagnes downbound.

Joseph L. Block upbound.

Montrealais downbound.

Federal Seto upbound.  In the distance are David Z. Norton, Montrealais and Herbert C. Jackson.

Federal Seto approaching Mission Point.

Close-up of "quick launch" boat behind the superstructure on the Federal Seto.

Reserve passes Mission Point downbound.

Reserve passes fleetmate David Z. Norton.

Pineglen passes Federal Seto below the Locks.

St. Clair passes Mission Point as a full moon rises.
Historical Perspectives by L. David Sulewski

Golden Hind downbound passed DeTour Village, MI 1982.

Edward L. Ryerson downbound passed DeTour Village, MI 1979.


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