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October 20, 2004 (b)

On Board the Edgar B. Speer, Summer 2004
by Steve Haverty

Compiled by George Wharton


Here is an example of a shelf cloud rolling in over Lake Michigan.

Wolverine downbound in the St. Marys River.

Cason J. Callaway downbound nearly abreast, good idea of size difference.

Bow view.

Busy at the Soo Locks, view from port hole.

Southdown Challenger profile in Straits of Mackinaw.

Stern shot and bridge.

Charles M. Beeghly backing out of Two Harbors DMIR ore dock; looking down on stern.

Beeghly's trunk deck in front of unloading boom, note yellow hooks hanging from boom used to place hatch covers back on.

Bow almost clear of dock.

3/4 bow view as she uses her thruster to push her bow out to the lake.

Pushing further out, nearly in line.

Bow in line.


About ready to head out to the lake.

Heading out past the breakwall.

John D. Leitch unloading in the USS Gary Works slip.

Quedoc, Harriman and Avery sitting in the upper Soo at Purvis West Dock.

Canadian Provider nearly abreast with our bow showing sizes.

Bow view.

Charles M. Beeghly at DMIR later in the year.

Edgar B. Speer at DMIR bow on.

View under the conveyors.

A close-up of the Beeghly's bow, note the waterline, Shenango green visible.

A view under the cavernous ore docks.

J.A.W. Iglehart in the Straights of Mackinaw.

Frank Haydon after a hard day's work (retired a few weeks later concluding 43 seasons with GLF).

Calumet loading at Drummond Island.

Arthur M. Anderson passing in Lake St. Clair.

Mississagi docked next to former fleet mate Sewell Avery.

stern shots of Avery and Mississagi.

American Spirit passing in Poe approaches.

Speer from post office door.

CSL Laurentien passing, heading for the Poe.

Ojibway heading out to supply us.

Looking down on the Ojibway's deck and our lifts.

Middletown rejoining the two way traffic just down of Neebish Island.

Bow view at the Burlington Northern Ore facility at Superior, WI.

Bow view at a distance, old facility in background on left.

Old control building of Allouez ore docks from across the slip.

Shoreside view of BNSF showing the silos.

View out of the gangway of the Speer showing the dock face.

Dock view of the ore shuttles finishing off our load.

View of 4 of the 7 Allouez ore dock sites, foundation of 2nd still visible.

View of the loading facility after we had backed out and were heading out.

High level view of the Superior entry light.

Phillip R. Clarke inbound Two Harbors.

Clarke's bridge close up.

Clarke's bow close up nearing dock.

High level view of her stern.

Cason J. Callaway unloading in USS Gary Works slip.

Wide view of Gary slip with Callaway still unloading.

View of 1 of 3 blast furnaces at Gary Works.

Forward Gary slip, old turning basin just off bow.


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