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November 13, 2004

Compiled by George Wharton

Damaged saltie Menominee at Montreal 11/12/04  Kent Malo

Menominee from the dock looking down.

A closer look at the hole with the steel removed from the damaged area.

Damaged steel from the Menominee.

Another view of the twisted steel.
More of the Montreal dock scene 11/12/04  Kent Malo

The Seaway crane Hercules with the bow of the Menominee protruding.

Crane belonging to Logistecs used to unload sugar as well as unloading and reloading other bulk commodities.

The clamshell used with a forklift truck for a size comparison.
Marquette 11/11/04  Lee Rowe

Herbert C. Jackson backing away from the dock.

Michipicoten at the ore dock.

USCG Alder tied up at Mattson Park.

Stern view.

Pulling away from the dock.

Pilot house.

Backing out of the harbor.

BIDCO Shipyard Tour, Buffalo 11/12/04 (formerly Buffalo Dry Docks)  Brian Wroblewski

The barge McAllister 321 docked along the fit out wall.

On board the barge showing repair work and installation of new bulkheading along outside of main deck.

Close up of barge's upper pilothouse and aft cargo framework.

Detail shot of barge's pilothouse showing coiled cable connection for helm controls back to the tug when pushing in the notch.

Close up of tug W.N. Twolan tied up astern of her barge.

Future location of Inclined Marine Railway at site of currently buried Dry Dock # 2 Slip.
American Spirit in Cleveland 11/10/04  Kent Gurney

Unloading at CBT.

Close up (with the sea gulls!)

Making the swing to line up with the piers to enter Lake Erie.

Passing the West Pierhead Light and entering Lake Erie.
Historical Perspectives  William Lafferty

The Algosteel prepares to pass the 95th St. bridge at South Chicago, November 1962.  In the foreground is the barge Universal Atlas Cement Co. No. 51 while in the distance is Interlake's E.G. Grace.

Paterson's Troisdoc in May, 1962 unloading paper for the Cuneo Press far down the South Branch of the Chicago River at Halsted St.
Historical Perspectives: Doan Transport in Texas and crossing the North Atlantic circa. 1976  Doug Pruder

Doug doing some painting.


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