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Weekly News Photo Gallery
November 22, 2004

Compiled by George Wharton


Kaye E. Barker arriving at Marblehead Lime, S. Chicago 11/13/04.  Gary Clark.

Rebecca Lynn at the BP Amoco dock on the Indiana Harbor Ship Canal.  Matt Markovich.

The almost completed Capt. Hagen at Bayship for Penn Maritime.  These 2 photos courtesy of Bob Hill of Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering (submitted by William Lafferty)

Another view, before launching.

Fred R. White Jr. at the dock in Marquette with a fishing boat in the background 11/18.  Lee Rowe.

Joseph L. Block unloading coal in the fog at Escanaba 11/17.  Lee Rowe.

Spruceglen at Sarnia's Government Slip 11/18.  Wade Streeter

Stern view.  Wade Streeter.

Mississagi coming out of the fog inbound Parry Sound, ON 11/18 approaching Bob's Point with the last load of salt for the year.  Paul Beesley.

Passing Bob's Point just before the entrance to Parry Sound's harbor.  Paul Beesley.

Unloading salt in the inner harbor.  Notice the lack of a dock.  Paul Beesley.

The CCGS Griffon at the CCG base at Parry Sound.  Once the Mississagi leaves, the Griffon will make all the fall buoy changes in Parry Sound Channel and Approaches.  Paul Beesley

Charles M. Beeghly unloading coal at Marquette, MI 11/20.  Lee Rowe.

Duluth, MN based pilot boat Sea Bear belonging to Sea Service District III.  Capt. Edward Montgomery.

Also based in Duluth, the Sea Service District III's pilot boat Sea Eagle.  Capt. Edward Montgomery.

Sea Service District III's Chicago based pilot boat Sea Pilot

Sassy docked at Clinch Park Marina, Traverse City 7/02.  (The following 12 from Traverse City by Brian Peterson.)

Fireworks over the T/S State of Michigan 7/04.

Mystic docked at Clinch Park Marina 7/19.

Unity docked at Clinch Park Marina 8/05.

Tall ship at Clinch Park Marina 8/05.

Side view.

Tall ship sailing West Grand Traverse Bay 8/13.

T/S State of Michigan at Great Lakes Maritime Academy pier with c.Columbus in distance 9/12.

Close up of c.Columbus.

Tall ship Inland Seas.

Le Levant anchored at West Grand Traverse Bay, 9/13.

Small boat used to ferry people to and from shore from the Le Levant.
Historical Perspectives

Maunaloa II entering the Canadian locks at the Soo, 1965.  Lee Rowe.

Oakglen and Canadian Transport passing in the St. Clair River, Nov. 2000.  Taken from the roof of the St. Clair Power Plant.  John R. Decator Jr.

Canadian Logger just prior to launch at Midland, ON 1921.  These next 7 photos taken by William Winsor and submitted by Jim Winsor.

Canadian Logger launch June 8, 1921.

Gleniffer (2) just prior to launch at Midland 1924.

Gleniffer (2) launch.

Noronic launch at Port Arthur (Thunder Bay, ON) June 2, 1913.

Sand Merchant launched at Collingwood, ON Aug. 17, 1927.

Stadacona loading ore at Marquette, MI, 1987.  Rod Burdick.

Grand Trunk carferries in Muskegon, MI, summer 1974.  J.W. Bissell

MV Highway 16, Muskegon, MI, winter 1974.  J.W. Bissell.

Imperial London, St. Clair River, summer 1974.  J.W. Bissell.


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