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Weekly News Photo Gallery
November 29, 2004

Compiled by George Wharton

Current Perspectives

Arthur M. Anderson with assistance from Gaelic tug Carolyn Hoey entering the Rouge Short Cut Canal 11/19/04.  Mike Nicholls (MN)

John J. Boland, Patricia Hoey and the Arthur M. Anderson in the Rouge Short Cut.  MN

John J. Boland unloading coal on Zug Island in the Rouge Short Cut.  MN

Mary E. Hannah and barge outbound the Rouge River at the Jefferson Street Bridge.  MN

Stern view.  MN

Saltie Bluewing unloading steel coils at the Port of Oshawa, ON 11/21/04.  Jim Gallacher (JG)

Bluewing accommodations.  JG

Stern view.  JG

Algonova downbound off Lake Huron for Sarnia, 11/19/04.  Bill Bird (BB)

Algorail upbound lightship approaching the Bluewater Bridges.  BB

Roger Blough upbound the St. Clair River.  BB

Adam E. Cornelius upbound.

Joseph H. Frantz upbound.  BB

Montrealais upbound.  BB

Spruceglen at Sarnia's Government Dock.  BB

Atlantic Patroller at Burns International Harbor/Port of Indiana 11/23/04.  P. Zagorac (PZ)

Gordon C. Leitch at Port of Indiana.  PZ

Another view.  PZ

Kolguev (formerly Great Laker) at Port of Indiana.  PZ

Wheelhouse and stack of Kolguev.  PZ

Federal Welland at Port of Indiana.  PZ

Tracer at Port of Indiana.  PZ

Sam Laud unloading agricultural lime at Brewer's, Holland, MI 11/23 (next 6 photos).  Dale Rosema (DR)

Wide angle view.  DR

Different view.  DR

Close up.

The cargo.

Lime being moved by front end loader to different part of yard.  DR

Wolverine unloading coal at Marquette, MI with Mesabi Miner waiting in the harbor 11/23.  Lee Rowe (LR)

Michipicoten taking on ore.  LR

Mesabi Miner at anchor.  LR

New fencing/guard shack at the Marquette ore dock.  LR

Canadian Mariner at Trois-Rivieres, QC 11/26.  Yves Richard (YR)

Canadian Mariner with CCGS F.C.G.Smith at the bow.  YR

CCGS Tracy with the Atlantic Superior in the background.  YR

Atlantic Superior passes on the St. Lawrence River.  YR

Canadian Transfer outbound the Saginaw River clear of the Lake State Railway bridge 11/26.  Todd Shorkey (TS)

Invincible-McKee Sons inbound at the Sargent dock in Essexville 11/26.  TS

Close up of tug Invincible.  TS

Swinging out the boom.  TS

Canadian Transfer ready to pass the McKee Sons.

Side by side.  TS

Canadian Transfer clear of the McKee Sons headed for the Lake.  TS
Historical Perspectives

Imperial Sarnia, Detroit River, 1982.  Rudi Rabe (RR)

Parker Evans unloading Port Cartier, QC, 1975.  RR

Parker Evans loading Midland, ON, 1975.  RR

Parker Evans drydock South Chicago, December 1975.  RR

Silverdale inbound Toledo.  RR

Carol Lake downbound Lake St. Clair 1981.  RR

Canadian Hunter arriving at Marquette's Upper Harbor, April 1988.  Rod Burdick

Amoco Indiana (now barge Cemex Conquest) in the Indiana Harbor Ship Canal, May 4, 1975.  Gary Clark

Stuck in the ice on the St. Lawrence River 1958, CCGS D'Iberville alongside the Manchester Vanguard.  Alecs Sheldon (AS) courtesy of Kent Malo.

Manchester Vanguard from ice level. AS

CCGS Ernest Lapointe.  AS

Ernest Lapointe and D"Iberville on either side of the Wendover.

Using the "snub wire", the Manchester Vanguard in what appears to be the Galops Canal on or before 1958.  AS

"On the gate", the 14-foot draft limit of the canal is visible on the bow of the Manchester Vanguard.  AS

Bow view.  AS

Stern view.  AS


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