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February 16, 2005

Compiled by George Wharton

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Escanaba, MI on Feb. 13, 2005 by Lee Rowe:

Great Lakes Trader / Joyce L. VanEnkevort loading.

Bow view.

Joseph H. Thompson / Jr. in lay-up.
Sarnia, ON on feb. 12, 2005 by John Meyland:

Variety of vessels!!

Sterns of the Saginaw & Maumee at the North Slip.

Stacks (left to right, Cuyahoga, Richard Reiss, and John Spence)

CCGS Samuel Risley backing in to the pier.
Sault Ste. Marie, MI on Feb 4, 2005 by Greg Stamatelakys:

Port Huron based schooner Highlander Sea  in the MCM drydock for repairs over the winter.

Stern view.

Another view.

Bow view.

MCM Dredge 56.

Supply boat Ojibway in winter lay-up.

Spare propeller blades waiting until needed at MCM Marine.

Tug Susan E. laid up at the MCM dock.

Scenic view.

Another view.

Veteran tug Islay at Milwaukee.
Detroit River traffic Feb. 11, 2005 by Tom Welles:

Tug Reliance and barge passing the Belle Isle Coast Guard station.

Reliance close up.

Stern view.
From the Atlantic Superior recently by Colin Kennedy:

On the St. Lawrence River above Quebec City on Dec. 29, 2004.

Following in the track made in the ice courtesy of a Canadian Coast Guard ice breaker approaching the bridge.

A cruise ship leaving Tampa, Florida Jan. 31, 2005.

Another view.

Assisting tug in Tampa.

Tying up in Tampa with tug assistance.

Another view.

Close up.
Views from inside the Paul R. Tregurtha Jan. 28, 2005 by E.G. Wohlfeill:


Crew recroom near crew mess area.

Happy Boatnerds in pilothouse.

Hydraulic cylinders that steer one of the two rudders.

Tunnel running to front of ship along bottom of cargo holds.

Coal on conveyor belt under bottom of cargo hold.

Coal coming out one of the chutes on one of the cargo holds.
Port Dover, ON recently by Chris Simons:

Path broken through the harbour ice.

Nadro tug Ecosse with retired Ontario M.O.T. ferry Amherst Islander laid up behind.

Ducks enjoy the open water.

Port Dover lighthouse with ice ridge.
Historical Perspectives from Toledo, OH by Jim Hoffman:

William A. Reiss approaching Lakefront Ore Docks in the early 1970's.

W.C. Richardson as a transfer vessel at the Wills Dock, Oct. 1977.

J.H. Hillman Jr. lay-up at the Naval Armory area at Bayview Park, Dec. 1973.
Historical Perspectives from Buffalo, NY by Brian Wroblewski:

Americana docked at the NFTA Metrorail Terminal in 1991.

Kinsman Enterprise backing out of the Buffalo River, 1991.

Kinsman Independent at the Lake & Rail elevator on the Buffalo River, 1991.

Buffalo Dry Docks from the air.

Richard Reiss downbound the Black Rock Canal,1991.

Willowglen under tow of 2 G-tugs at the Ohio St. turn of the Buffalo River, 1991.

Unknown steamer in the Buffalo Dry Docks.

Lackawanna at her namesake plant.

Another view of the Buffalo Dry Docks from the air.

Lehigh on the Lackawanna Canal.

A.G. Farquharson at the Elk St. Mobil Oil Terminal, Dec. 1995.
Historical Perspectives (photographer & dates unknown)

Elmglen at lay-up (possibly Port Colborne?)

Howard F. Andrews waiting below Lock 1, Welland Canal.


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