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February 23, 2005

Compiled by George Wharton


Montreal, QC on Feb. 18, 2005 by Kent Malo:

Bow of the recently sold Algocen.

Algocen's stern with the Nanticoke in the background.

The wintering Algoport.

Saltie Ek River unloading.

Kort nozzle of the Nanticoke.

Hole cut in the side of the Nanticoke's hull for major winter work.

Sterns of the Windoc and Algocen.
Hamilton, ON recently by Rob Laffier:

Wilf Seymour in the floating drydock for a winter refit.

Salvor in the same drydock back in November.

Kinsman Independent with work being done aft.

Stern close up.  Note the positioning of the stack.
The Niagara region on Feb. 18, 2005 by Matt Ruscher:

Canadian Transport at Port Colborne, ON.

CSL Laurentien at Port Colborne.

Petite Forte at Port Colborne.

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin at Port Colborne.

Ontario Power Generations' ice breaker Niagara Queen II clearing ice on the Niagara River above the falls preventing keeping the power station's water intakes clear of ice clogs.

Another view.

Turned around and back again.

William H. Latham at the Niagara Power Authority's dock on the Niagara River.
Duluth, MN in Jan., 2005 by Ed Labernik:

American Spirit being helped to its lay-up berth by tug North Carolina.

Arthur M. Anderson rounds Rice's Point in Duluth.

USCG Alder breaking ice for the Arthur M. Anderson.

Atlantic Huron inbound Duluth with a flock of mallards enjoying some newly formed Lake Superior ice.

Edgar B. Speer inbound Duluth on an 18 degree (F) morning.

Oglebay Norton outbound Duluth with coal for Nanticoke, ON.
Goderich, ON on Feb. 12, 2005 by Philip Nash:

Goderich harbour.

Fishing tug Mike J inbound in front of the grain elevator.

Fishing tug Last Time also inbound with a catch to unload.

Tug Dover.

Dover stern view.

Tugs Ian Mac, Debbie Lyn, and Donald Bert.

Tug Jane Ann IV astern of the barge Sarah Spencer.

Sarah Spencer wintering in Goderich.

Point Clark, ON lighthouse.
Owen Sound, ON on Feb. 14, 2005 by Ed Saliwonchyk:

Bow view of the Capt. Henry Jackman showing exposed bow thruster.
Historical Perspective by Brian Wroblewski:

Here's a shot of the Michael K Tewksbury and the McGilvary Shiras with their sterns rammed into the remains of the Michigan St. Lift Bridge after a 3 mile, unmanned ride down the Buffalo River in Jan., 1959. The Steamer in the foreground is Am. Ship's Merton E Farr. The bridge wreckage took weeks to clear, bottling up the fire tug in her slip and taking years to repair and settle the law suits.
Historical Perspectives by Jim Hoffman:

CCGS Verendrye downbound at the Soo in 1976.

Wilfred Sykes in Bi-centennial colors upbound at the Soo in 1976.

Carol Lake loading grain at Toledo in the late 1970's.
Historical Perspectives from Freedom Park, Omaha, NE on Feb. 11, 2005 by Mike Nicholls:

U.S.S. Hazard (AM240) minesweeper.

Stern view.

U.S.S. Marlin (SST 2) submarine.

Stern view.


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