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March 23, 2005

Compiled by George Wharton

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Escanaba, MI on March 17, 2005 - by Jason Leino:

Joseph L. Block and Joseph H. Thompson.

Close up of the Joseph H. Thompson.

Close up of the Joseph L. Block loading.

Wilfred Sykes and Joseph L. Block passing.

Close up of the Wilfred Sykes.

Wilfred Sykes and Joseph H. Thompson.

Great Lakes Trader and Joyce L. VanEnkevort.

L.E. Block.
- by Scott Best:

Erika Kobasic prepares to assist the departing Joseph L. Block.

Fleetmates Wilfred Sykes and Joseph L. Block passing just beyond the ore dock.

Wilfred Sykes approaching the ore dock.

Wilfred Sykes passing the Great Lakes Trader / Joyce L. VanEnkevort.
Sarnia, ON on March 14, 2005 by Chuck Parker:

The Richard Reiss being renamed Manistee.

Close up.

Stern view.

St. Lawrence River at Montreal on March 21, 2005 by Kent Malo:

Cicero arriving from St. John's, NF backing into her berth.

CCGS Martha L. Black breaking ice.

Stern view.

Sterns of the Quebecois and Algoville.

Marquette, MI on March 21, 2005 by Lee Rowe:

Michipicoten at the ore dock.

Experimental loading chutes.

Leaving Marquette.

James R. Barker unloading coal.
Toledo, OH on March 17, 2005 by Doug McGee:

H. Lee White being assisted from the drydock by tug Illinois.

Illinois close up.

Another view.

Also assisted by tug Idaho.
Muskegon, MI on March 16, 2005 by Dale Rosema:

Paul H. Townsend.

Another view.

Museum vessel LST-393 (formerly Highway 16).

Research vessel W.G. Jackson.

Rebecca Lynn and barge A-410.

Close up of the Rebecca Lynn.

Bow of A-410.
Edward M. Cotter ice breaking on the Buffalo River by Brian Wroblewski:

March 18 near the ADM Standard Elevator downbound on the river.

Off the Fireboat Slip.

Preparing to back into the slip.

The Captain and deckhand tying up.

March 20 casting off.

Moving away from the slip.

Into the river.

The bow breaking through the ice.
St. Clair River on March 20, 2005 by Don Detloff:

Cason J. Callaway downbound at the Algonac State Park.

Another view.
Toledo during 2004 by Jim Hoffman:

Calumet approaching the A.R.M.S. dock to unload salt.

Richard Reiss outbound Maumee Bay after unloading salt.

USCGC Hollyhock.
Historical Perspectives by Sean Whelan: Beaver Island Boat Co.'s ferry South Shore
Historical Perspectives submitted by William Forsythe:

Sinking of the Roy A. Jodrey after hitting Pullman Shoal in the St. Lawrence River Nov. 21, 1974.

Postcard of the William Henry Mack colliding with the West Third St. Bridge in Cleveland Mar. 25, 1913.

Postcard of the Yuma colliding with the 2nd Cherry St. Bridge in Toledo Mar. 6, 1908.

Another postcard of the same incident.


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