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April 12, 2005

Compiled by George Wharton


Toledo on Apr. 10 by Roger LeLievre:

Atlantic Superior unloading ore.

Courtney Burton looks sharp in her fresh coat of paint.

Close-up of the Burton's stack in O-N colors.

Bows of the Buckeye and the Atlantic Superior.

Buckeye waits to see of she will sail this spring.

Detroit Princess.

Saginaw River on Apr. 8, 2005 by Todd Shorkey

Wilfred Sykes at Bay City Wirt.

Stern view while waiting for the CMR bridge to open.

Marquette on Apr. 8, 2005 by Lee Rowe:

Paul R. Tregurtha unloading coal.

Herbert C. Jackson almost in the parking lot.

Another view.

Port Huron on Apr. 10, 2005 by Nick Durst:

Lee A. Tregurtha upbound under the Bluewater Bridges.

Bow profile.

Stern view into Lake Huron.

Halifax slowly upbound in broken ice.

Alpena on Apr. 9, 2005 by Ben & Chanda McClain:

David Z. Norton on the Thunder Bay River arriving at the DPI Plant to unload coal.

Stern view.

Getting ready to unload.


Oshawa on Apr. 11, 2005 by Jim Gallacher:

Federal Oshima stern view.

Starboard view.

Superior on Apr. 10 by Glen Blaskiewicz:

Port Huron on Apr. 10 by Frank Frisk:

Armco at the Cutler dock.

Utiviken upbound.

Historical Perspectives from Toledo by Jim Hoffman:

Beechglen loading grain at the Cargill elevator in the 1980's.

Willis B. Boyer loading coal at the C&O #3 dock during the late 1970's.

Historical Perspective postcards submitted by William Forsythe:

Northton in wartime colors in the 1940's.

A. Weston with ferries Manistique, Marquette, & Northern #1 in Manistique, MI between 1903 & 1908.

Altadoc wrecked on Keweenaw Point, Dec. 8, 1927.

Salvaged pilothouse of the Altadoc used the office and gift shop to the Pilot House Resort in March, 1952.


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