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June 12, 2005
Compiled by
George Wharton


Rouge River on June 7, 2005 by Wade P. Streeter:

Tanker Crestar heading stern first toward the "Forks" to turn with tug Wyoming assisting.

Turning in the "Forks".

Outbound in the Short Cut Canal.

Headed for the Detroit River with tug Wyoming.

Detroit River recently by Mike Nicholls:

Ferriss Marine tug Magnetic downbound passing Zug Island.

Stern view.

Tar barge 950 being pushed up river by Gaelic tug Shannon from Nicholson's to the Michigan Marine Terminal in the Rouge River.  Two barge loads will be transferred to the Luxembourg tanker Crestar in the Belle Isle Anchorage

Crestar (Luxembourg) upbound with a partial load of coal tar after departing the Michigan Marine Terminal Dock in the Rouge.  She anchored in the Belle Isle Anchorage and the load will be completed by transfer loads from the tar barge 950. 

Stern view.

Philip R Clarke departing the Southwest Sales West Windsor Dock, a very unusual load for a U.S. boat.
An unusual sight, the Beluga Eternity (Antigua) unloading at Morterm.  She backed in to allow her cranes to be used to unload her heavy lift cargo.

Canadian Progress upbound above Fighting Island South Light.

Stern view.

Mesabi Miner downbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

McKee Sons and Invincible upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.
Tanker Crestar (Luxembourg) being topped off with coal tar by the barge 950 and Gaelic's Carolyn Hoeyin the Belle Isle Anchorage.
McKeil's Labrador Spirit sitting across the Ojibway Slip loading the crates unloaded by the Beluga Eternity.  The tug is the Evans McKeil.
The old CSL Shed in Windsor is being demolished.

Another view.
The City of Algonac upbound behind Fighting Island after leaving the Dean Construction Yard.

Stern view.

Privately owned ex Corps of Engineer tug Pioneer getting a new paint job in Wyandotte.

Halifax downbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Maumee and Halifax passing on the Detroit River.

Maumee upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

CSL Laurentien upbound at Grassy Island.

Stern view.

Marquette and Munising on June 4, 2005 by Rod Burdick:

Algoisel chutes down at sunrise at Marquette.

Close-up scenic view at the ore dock.

Scenic view from Presque Isle Park.

Herbert C. Jackson arriving at the ore dock.

Loading iron ore.

Armco arriving at the Munising coal dock.

Working toward the dock.

Unloading coal.

By Lee Rowe June 3, 2005:

Kwintebank in Menominee.

Viking at Marinette Marine.

J.A.W. Iglehart in Green Bay.

Iglehart and S.T. Crapo sterns.

St. Marys Cement III in Green Bay.

Dredging in Green Bay.

Joseph L. Block loading in Escanaba.

Olive L. Moore in Escanaba.

Marblehead on June 6, 2005 by Kevin Davis:

Courtney Burton at the Lafarge dockloading stone for Marysville.

With the loader.

Another view.

Head on.

Burns International Harbor / Port of Indiana recently by Peter Zagorac:

Burns Harbor stern.


Full view.

John B. Aird unloads.

Full view.


After severe thunder storms.

Sunset after the storms.

Toronto recently by Charlie Gibbons:

Tug Lac Manitoba and barge VMS-86 shuttling sand.

Tug Vac and barge La Malbaie also shuttling sand.

Patricia D. & Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay.


Cinnamon unloading at Redpath Sugar.

Sombra/Marine City ferry Daldean by Ray Ingles:

Marblehead on June 5, 2005 by Kent Gurney:

In dry dock at LaSalle for inspection, paint, new shafts & props.

After new paint.

Manistee loading limestone at Lafarge.

Another view.

Historical Perspective post cards submitted by William Forsythe:

Carl D. Bradley in the 1940's.

Altadoc pilothouse being used as a souvenir shop at Copper Harbor, MI.

Group of barges laid up at Two Harbors in July 1907 due to Mesabi Iron Range Strike.

Tug E.M. Pierce tows Mataafa into Lorain in 1911.

R.W. England docking in Cleveland between 1904 and 1917.

Emporer on Lake Ontario in 1931.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released once or twice each week as time permits.

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