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July 14, 2005


Valgocen by Kent Malo

Orla aground in Marysville, Michigan July 8 by Charlie Glaze

Valgocen, with the barge Windoc alongside.

Detroit River July 8 - 13 by Mike Nicholls

Scan Arctic (Isle of Man) upbound at Grassy Island.

Canadian Transfer upbound at Grassy Island.
Canadian Enterprise downbound at Grassy Island.

Algolake passing Canadian Enterprise with Cason J Callaway upbound astern of the Algolake.


Cason J Callaway
CSL Assiniboine downbound at Grassy Island.

Victoria (Antigua) unloading at Nicholson's.

Stephen B Roman downbound at Grassy Island.

Eider (Hong Kong) in Ojibway Anchorage.
Energy 11103 and tug Gulf Service downbound in the Ballards Reef Channel.

Vancouverborg (Holland) upbound in the Ballards Reef Channel.
BBC Northsea (Antigua) upbound off Nicholson's.

Algocape downbound in the Ballards Reef Channel.

BBC France downbound at Fighting Island South Light.
Annie M Dean downbound behind Fighting Island. 

Bound for the Dean Construction Dock in La Salle.

Acushnet in the Rouge.

Georgian Clipper at Duffy's Dock in Amherstburg.

She spent the night on her way to Kingsville, ON.

From the Quebec Bridge at Quebec City by Michel St-Denis

Okhta Bridge

Torm Vita


Canmar Triumph


Sidsel Knutsen


Marquette June 25 by Rod Burdick

Arriving at the Upper Harbor ore dock

Stern view unloading coal at the Lower Harbor

Close up view unloading coal

Wide view unloading coal
BBC Northsea in Owen Sound by Ed Saliwonchyk
Middletown passing St. Clair July 9 by Matt Lemon

port view approaching the east wall

starboard view secured to the east wall

Bow view

Missing rear anchor

Alpena by Ben & Chanda McClain

Research Vessel Sturgeon

Sam Laud

Saginaw River by Gordy Garris


Vantage Point, Port Huron by Frank Frisk


Karen Andrie-A-497 departing the Black Rock Lock by Brian W.

HMCS Toronto

Oshawa by Jim Gallacher

Waterborg’s Starboard view deck cargo unloaded.

Bridge and accommodations.

Waterborg’s Captain Arjen Fransen picking up able seamen Matheos Onthony & Hamid Taher and cook Jantje Thomas to return them to the ship

Stefania I Port side view


Bow View

An unusually calm day in Lake Superior (White Fish Bay near Pointe Louise) revealed an old anchor.  By Philip Virene

Approximately 6 to 8 feet

Appears quite old

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