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September 7, 2005

9/7 - Courtney Burton in the Welland Canal - Paul Beesley

At the fuel dock in Port Colborne with CCG Griffon

Heading for Lock 8 under Bridge 21.

Sliding the wall to Lock 8.

Entering Lock 8 down bound.

Slowly filling up Lock 8. She was given a ‘float-through’, mooring lines ready but not used

Clear of Lock 8 and down bound past the Robin Hood elevator in Port Colborne

Down bound at Ramey's Bend.


Detroit River - Mike Nicholls

Mesabi Miner downbound at Grassy Island. 9-5

c Columbus upbound at Grassy Island. 9-4

CSL Tadoussac upbound at Grassy Island. 9-4

Federal Elbe (Cyprus) downbound at Grassy Island. 9-4

University of Michigan Life Flight Helicopter landing at Oakwood Health Center, Wyandotte 9-4

Walter J Mc Carthy Jr downbound at Grassy Island. 9-3

Edwin H Gott unloading on Zug Island. 9-3

Pineglen downbound at Grassy Island. 9-3

J A W Iglehart at the Lafarge Springwells Dock. 9-3

Agawa Canyon approaching the Essroc Dock in Windsor. 9-3

Canadian Transfer unloading at the Lafarge Dock in Windsor. 9-3

Ziemia Lodska (Liberia) upbound off Zug Island. 9-1

Aleksandr Suvorov (Russia) downbound off the Rouge Short Cut Canal. 9-1


9/5 - Mackinac Bridge Walk - Tom Welles

Roger Blough heading for DeTour at sunrise

Blough heading past Mackinac Island

Stewart J. Cort follows Blough under the Bridge.

Cort sends a salute to the delight of the Bridge walkers.

USCG was one of many small craft patrolling under the bridge

Fly over by a USCG Dolphin
9/5 - Traffic pictured at Vallefield Bridge - Michel St. Denis

BBC Peru up bound with a load of wind turbine vanes.

Stern shot

Canadian Olympic

Stern shot
9/5 - Zemia Gornoslaska - Michel St. Denis

After transferring cargo from Zemia Gornoslaska to Iryda. Zemia has been towed to Valleyfield Harbour on 9/5.


Historical Perspective by William Forsythe

Norwegian freighter Topdalsfjord at the Soo. On May 7, 1965 this ship collided with and sank the Bradley boat Cedarville.

9/5 - Manistee in the St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre

Up bound at Six Mile Point

Passing Mission Point

Entering the MacArthur Lock

Crew members taking a break

9/4 - Milwaukee Traffic - Paul E.

BBC Russia loading at Milwaukee's heavy lift dock.


Stern view.

Bow view


Barbara Andrie and barge A-390 delivering fuel

Passenger liner Grand Caribe

Stern view

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