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September 11, 2005

9/11 - Teakglen Arrives in Thunder Bay - Rob Farrow

Teakglen is guided through the breakwall by the Avenger IV

Turning and lining up


Wide angle of Avenger IV, Teakglen and Glenada

Approaching dock behind the Tug Peninsula

Wide angle

Alongside the dock with Purvis barge PML 9000 in Dry Dock ready to come out

9/11 - Manistee and Courtney Burton in the Welland Canal - Bill Bird

9/10 - Manistee makes her first transit of the Welland Canal - Paul Beesley

Manistee leaving Lock 4 east on her way down bound.

The Manistee slowly approaching the wall above Lock 3 while the Anglican Lady departs the lock.

9/11 - Mackinaw passing Algonac State Park heading to Toledo - Don Detloff

9/10 - Willowglen Tow in the Seaway - Frederick H. Hager

Passing under the Thousand Islands Bridge

Closer Look.

McKiel tug Tony McKay pulling

Full-length view

9/11 - Wagonborg saltie passing DeTour in a Sunday morning sunrise - Kathy Kohring

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Highlight for Album: Mail by the Pail & USCG Mackinaw 9/11/05

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