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September 24, 2005

9/25 - Algorail in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain


Backing out of the river.


9/25 - Buffalo Traffic - Brian Wroblewski

Courtney Burton unloading at General Mills elevator

Boom in the hopper.

Saginaw unloading at ADM Standard elevator.

Boom in the hopper.

New Pictures in the Public Gallery

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Shipping Album
Highlight for Album: Mackinac Island 9-05
Regional/Scenic Album


9/24 - Moving the William G. Mather to her new home - Boatnerd Staff Photos

Unhooking the shore power.

Chamber music to entertain the arriving spectators and guests.

Street sweepers do last minute cleaning to the new parking lot.

Mather's new home behind Cleveland Brown Stadium..

Stern deckhands watch the on-dock proceedings

Unhooking the forward gangway.

Loading the gangway.

Tight security.

"G" tug Iowa arrives.


Iowa hooks up to the stern as Mississippi moves to the bow.

Capt. Harry Anderson keeps an eye on the progress.

Mississippi connected to the bow.

Last man aboard.

Up goes the ladder.

Moving away from the Ninth Street Pier.

Making the turn around the end of the pier.

Spectators get a close up look.

"Where do you supposes she is sailing to?"

Turning toward her new home.

CFD Fireboat Anthony J. Celebreeze lead the tow across the inner harbor.

Spectators have moved to  anew vantage point.

The Cleveland-Cliff house flags flies one last time over a moving vessel.

Cleveland's Fireboat.

The Mather in her new setting, with dockside parking.

Capt. Anderson and Holly Holcombe are the first persons ashore.

The Mather Trio welcomes the boat to Pier 32.

Mather Executive Director Holly Holcomb addresses the crowd.

Cleveland-Cliffs President John Brinzo.

Great Lakes Science Center Director Linda Abraham-Silver offers a welcome.


View from the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame as the Goodtime III checks out her new neighbor.

Mather Move - Rex Cassidy

Mather Move - Christine Rohn-Tielke

Landing a deckhand on Dock 32.

Approaching Dock 32

Safe at home

More Mather Move Pix - John A. Morris

Iowa revs up - Mather is On The Move!

Confetti on the stern accompanied by Mather's horns signifies she's Under Way!

Iowa on the stern, Mississippi on the bow - Mather slides west in the harbor

Iowa begins to "Apply the Brakes"

Mather requested a little "nudge" from Mississippi to bring the bow into the pier

"G" tugs head for home after a job well done.

Where's the Big Boat? It's been a long time since Lakefront Airport could be seen from the Ninth Street Pier!

SS Wm G. Mather at her New Home on Pier 32 - viewed from her former berth on the Ninth Street Pier

Walter J. McCathy, Jr. after contact with Roger Blough - Scott Best

A little of the Blough's red paint on Walter's stern.

Waiting for USCG inspection in Hay Lake.

Leaving the Poe up bound

Headed for Lake Superior.

9/22 - Stephen B. Roman in Rochester, NY - Michael Melich


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