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October 15, 2005

10/15 - H. Lee White in Marquette - Lee Rowe


10/15 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

JAW Iglehart unloading at the Carrollton Lafarge dock

Iglehart's and the E.M. Ford's pilothouses

Maumee still docked at the IMS dock

Close Up of the Iglehart behind the Maumee

10/14 - Welland Canal Traffic - Boatnerd Staff

Canadian Ranger down bound below Lock 1 early on a gray morning.

Ranger's forward unloading device.

The "rest of the story". The part of the unloading gear that brings the cargoup from the holds.

Snohomish and Sharon Elizabeth arrive at Wharf 1 after an all-night trip across Lake Ontario from Oswego, NY.

Stern view of the tug pair.

Snohomish sporting a "crew cut" to pass under bridges on the Erie Canal.

After clearing customs and Seaway inspection the pair head for Lock 1.

Heading into Lock2.

Another look at Snohomish's flatop.

Sarah Spencer leaving Lock 7.

Jane Ann IV doing the work.

Cedarglen up bound at Port Colborne

Cedarglen's "Marquette Modified" starboard wing.

English River waiting for traffic to clear at Port Colborne.

John M Selvick and three barges headed down bound from Lock 8.

Two of the barges carried wind turbine parts.

John M. Selvick

Ziema Suwalska exits Locks 7 as Hon. Paul J. Martin waits.

Royal Pescadores in Lock 3.

Some sort of metal that Royel Pescadores has caught on her anchor.

The assembled Boatnerds enjoying each others slides.




10-13 - Sault Ste. Marie - Mike Nicholls

Lewis G Harriman at Purvis Marine West Dock.

Le Voyageur at Soo, MI.

Nokomis at Soo, MI.

Museum Ship Valley Camp at Soo, MI.

10-12 - Soo & Meldrum Bay - Mike Nicholls

Marine Trader departing the Carbide Dock at the Soo.

Turret Crown Estates sign at Meldrum Bay.

Fish tug Andave H at Meldrum Bay, Ontario.

CSL Niagara docking at the Lafarge Dock at Meldrum Bay.

10/9 Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls

Cason J Callaway backing into the Rouge passing through the Short Cut Bridge.

Patricia Hoey outbound the Rouge River in the Short Cut Canal.

09-24-05 Pioneer downbound in the Ecorse Channel.


10/13 - Welland Canal Traffic - Boatnerd Staff

CSL Tadoussac down bound

Customers in Port Weller Drydock

Presque Isle

Canadian Leader

Algosteel above Lock 1

Stern shot

CSL Assiniboine below Lock 1

Squeezing her into Lock 1

10/13 - Saginaw loading at Great Lakes Grain Elevators in Owen Sound
Ed. Saliwonchyk


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