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October 24, 2005


10/24 - St. Marys Challenger passing Vantage Point in Port Huron - Frank Frisk

Sunrise at over Sarnia from Vantage Point

Early morning visit from St. Marys Challenger

Classic beauty.

Headed for the blue Water Bridges and  Lake Huron

10/23 - St. Marys Challenger in Detroit - Roger LeLievre


10/22 - Port Huron Traffic during the Transportation Mart - Boatnerd Staff

New meeting/viewing facility going up at Vantage Point

The river side will be all glass

Algorail up bound

Algomarine down bound under the Blue Water Bridges

 Algomarine Head on

Stern view

Catharine Desgagnes up bound at St. Clair.

Canadian Enterprise up bound after fueling

Earl W. Oglebay down bound under the bridges

Side view

Earl W. passing Canadian Enterprise at the Shell fuel dock.

Earl W. Passing the up bound Paul R. Tregurtha.

Boatnerds take a break from shopping at the Transportation Mart to take some pix.

Oglebay Norton heading up bound

Accommodations block

Stern view

Pathfinder/Dorothy Ann up bound

Dorothy Ann providing the power.

Paul R. Tregurtha heading for the Shell Oil fuel dock.

Biking forward on the Paul to handle the lines

Algomarine meeting Paul R.

Algomarine passing Paul R. above Stag Island.

Earl W. Passing Paul R. below Marysville

Paul R. waiting for Canadian Enterprise to leave the fuel dock.

10/21 - Tugs Snohomish and Sharon Elizabeth arrive in the Rouge River - Mike Nichols
The tugs Sharon Elizabeth and Snohomish arrived in the Rouge River, on Friday after traveling from Port Colborne.  The pair are resting at the Gealic Tugboat Co. Dock.  The Sharon Elizabeth tied up the Snohomish and fueled at the Waterfront Petroleum Dock.

10/22 - Oglebay Norton -  Jim Meyland
Passing the Port Huron Seaway Terminal after giving salutes
to the assembled shoppers and Boatnerds

10/23 - Great Lakes Trader loading in Marquette - Lee Rowe

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