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October 28, 2005


10/28 - Toledo Docks Views - Bob Vincent

Canadian Navigator unload stone

H. Lee White coming in to the CSX Coal Dock in Toledo

Lee A. Tregurtha aft view from deck

Lee A. Tregurtha forward view from deck

Loading coal into the Lee A. Tregurtha

Loading stone into rail cars as it comes off the boat.

Lowering a deck hand to the dock.

Peter R. Cresswell unloading stone at Midwest Terminal

10/27 - St. Lawrence River Traffic - Michel  St-Denis

Camilla Desgagnes

Passing under the Quebec Bridge

Cast Prestige

At N-D du Cap de la Madeline

Emmanuel Tomasos

Passing under the Quebec Bridge,

Accommodations block

Close up view

10/26 - S. T. Crapo loads and leaves Alpena - Ben McClain

Loaded and leaving for Green Bay

10/26 - US Department of Interior vessel Sturgeon in Own Sound - Ed. Saliwonchyk

Bow view

Broad side

Stern view

10/24 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

James Norris outbound at Veteran's Memorial Park in Saginaw

Bow profile

Stern view nearing the airport

Another view as the sun peaks out on a blustery day

10/24 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

10/25 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

Algorail departing the Buena Vista Stone dock

James Norris heading up river to unload

10/25 - Oshawa Traffic - Jim Gallacher

Group Ocean Tug Escorte leaving to assist the Bulker Seneca.

Another view.

Group Ocean Tug Jerry G leaving to assist the Bulker Seneca.

Another view.

Bulk saltie Seneca arriving in Oshawa

Stern view.

Tug Bagotville towing the barge Pitts No. 12 into Oshawa.

Another view.

10/24 - Historical Perspectives - William Forsythe

Aft view of the Great Lakes first self-unloader Wyandotte as she loads at Rogers City, Michigan between 1913 and 1926.
Bow view of the Wyandotte loading.
Off to the left, the tug W.G. Mason stands by.

10/24 - Historical Perspectives - Fran Frisk

Cleveland-Cliffs Champlain

Cleveland-Cliffs Cadillac in the St. Clair River.

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