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November 16, 2005


11/16 - Munising Lay Up Fleet - Mike Nichols

Pictured Rocks Tour fleet

Miss Superior

Pictured Rocks

Grand Island

Miners Castle

U.S. Wildlife Service tug Abraham Williams.

Fish tug Max B

11/16 - Cheboygan Vessels - Mike Nichols

Ryba's tug Alcona.

Stern view

Ryba's tug Amber Mae

Stern view

Great Lakes Geologic Survey's Vessel Grayling.

U.S.C.G.C. Mackinaw loading Christmas trees.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Research Vessel Togue.

11/16 - Straits Ferry Fleets in Lay Up - Mike Nichols

Arnold Transit's Island Express

Covered Storage

Stern View

Freight ferry Corsair

Arnold's Mackinaw Express

Stern view

Straits Express

Shepler's Felicity

Stern view

Capt. Shepler

Stern view

Shepler's Welcome

Stern view

GLLKA's Cake & Ice Cream

Stern view

Shepler's The Hope


Stern view

11/15 - The Riverfront Discovery Boats in Fairbanks, AK - Mike Nichols


Discovery II

Discovery III

Stern View.

11/15 - Recent Traffic Under the Quebec Bridge - Michel Saint-Denis

Alam Budi

Atlantic Erie

CSL Laurentien

CSL Laurentien

CP Spirit

OOCL Belgium

CP Victory

Lake Superior

M Pioneer

Port Mechins



CP Honour

Holland Maab Caraibes



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