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November 20, 2005


11/20 -Pictures of the Eastern Tugger and the iceberg harvester, of Miller Shipping St. John's NL. - Captain Greg Nickerson.
Harvesting icebergs in northern Labrador this summer. They use the iceberg water to make ice vodka.

11/19 - Voyageur Independent's maiden voyage in the Welland Canal - Bill Bird

In Lock Seven

Approaching the Allanburg Bridge

Looking good!

Stern view

11/19 - Additional shots of Voyageur Independent in the canal - John McCreery

Rising in Lock Seven

Approaching Highway 20 Bridge

Departing Lock Eight.

11/19 - Voyageur Independent passing Westcott's - Mike Nichols

11/19 - Voyageur Independent passing Belle Isle - Jeffrey Mast

11/19 - Voyageur Independent passing Vantage Point - Frank Frisk

11/19 - Voyageur Independent passing up the St. Clair River - Jim & Freda Meyland

Passing Marysville

Stern detail

Passing the Port Huron Municipal Building

Passing under the Blue Water Bridges

11/19 - Marquette Traffic - Lee Rowe

Charles M. Beeghly

Unusual craft against breakwater

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