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November 26, 2005


11/26 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Dredge Buxton II

Manistee departing Sargent dock with the Tadoussac unloading behind her at Essroc

Manistee up bound

 Stern view

Tug Muskegon and dredge Buxton II tied up across the river from Essroc

Tug Muskegon

CSL Tadoussac unloading at Essroc

Another view

11/26 - Manistee in the Saginaw River - Gordy Garris

Manistee headed upriver

Bow Profile

Stern View

Aerial shot of the Manistee arriving at the Sargent dock in Zilwaukee

Manistee departing the Sargent dock in Zilwaukee

Manistee headed upriver to turn in the Sixth Street Basin

Passing the E.M. Ford

Pulling into the Sixth Street Basin

11/26 - Recent Port of Indiana visitors - Peter Zagorac


Stewart J. Cort

11/26 John R. Emery in Troy, NY after her trip thru the Erie Canal - Richard Jenkins

John R. Emery in Troy, NY after her trip through the Erie Canal on her way off the Lakes

Bow of John R. Emery

Fo'c'sle of John R. Emery

New pump sitting in the hold

Lifeboat sitting in cargo hold

Winch in cargo hold

Pilothouse removed for passage under low bridges in the canal

Life ring on cabin side

Stern view of John R. Emery

another stern shot of the Emery

Canal tug Margot which brought the Emery through the canal

Stern view of Margot

11/26 - Day Peckinpaugh at the entrance to the Erie Canal in Waterford, NY - Richard Jenkins

Day Peckinpaugh

Day Peckinpaugh and canal tug Chancellor

Another view of Chancellor

11/25 -
Algosea down bound above the Ambassador Bridge - Mike Nicholls

11/25 - 2002 Thanksgiving Day menu aboard Southdown Challenger - Wade Streeter.

11/21 - Highlander Sea returns to Port Huron - Frank Frisk

11/21 - Port Huron Traffic Fred Miller

Chi-Cheemaun in Sarnia

Another view

Voyageur Independent

Under the Blue Water Bridges


Great Blue Heron


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