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December 1, 2005


12/1 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nichols

Borkum at Morterm in Windsor

Faust tug Cormorant in Lake St. Clair off Grosse point Farms.

Linnhurst, barge Faust II and Cormorant off Grosse Pointe Farms.

Zeus anchored at the Ojibway Anchorage.

David Z Norton up bound in Lake St. Clair.

12/1 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

Agawa Canyon pulling into the Sixth Street basin

Agawa Canyon down bound at the Sixth Street basin

Bow Profile

Stern View

Passing E.M. Ford

Coast Guard rescue vessel

Ambulance and the dive team arrives on shore

12/1 - Frequent lakes visitor Sandviken leaving Belgium - Dirk de Smedt photo submitted by Chris Rombouts

11/30 - Tugs of the Zenith Tugboat Company, Duluth

The fleet


Stern view


Sharon Elizabeth

Stern view

11/30 -Port of Toledo Traffic - Mike Nichols

IVI (Liberia) unloading at the Midwest Terminal in Toledo.

Tug Tradewind Service at the B P Oil Dock

Amelia Desgagnes assisted by tug Susan Hoey from the Midwest Terminal.

11/29 - Historical Perspectives - William Forsythe

On December 17, 1910, Hull #28 crashes into the launch basin after being christened EMPEROR. She was to be another casualty of the Lakes on June 4, 1947.

Collingwood Shipyard as it appeared in the early 1900's. Two canallers are being serviced in separate drydocks.

On May 5, 1960, CAROL LAKE (Hull #165) is launched. She last plied the Great Lakes as the MAPLEGLEN

 In early 1960, Hull #165 (CAROL LAKE) begins to emerge at the end of Huron Ontario Street. The home of Collingwood Shipyard.

11/29 - Saginaw River Traffic -
Todd Shorkey

David Z. Norton unloading at the Bay Aggregates dock

Backing from the slip later in the day

Turning on the power finishing her turn

Outbound for the lake

Tug Muskegon heading for the Essroc dock

Muskegon with the outbound Norton

11/27 - Voyageur Independent down bound below lock 2 in Welland Canal - Ian Baker

11/28 - Fish tug Jackie II operated by Halvorson Fisheries, at Cornucopia, WI. At the present time gillnetting for herring. - Harvey Hadland 

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