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December 13, 2005


12/13 - More New Mackinaw - Grand Haven Pictures. - Bill Bell

Entering the channel

In the center of the channel.

Off course.


Continuing up river

Damage to pier

 Bow view docked

Close up of damage

Stern view docked

12/13 - New Mackinaw hits channel wall in Grand Haven. - Edie Northfield

Entering the channel


Some damage to the nose.

12/13 - More pictures taken while sailing for Grand River Navigation during 2005 - Mark Veum.

M/V Edgar B. Speer sailing up bound in lower Lake St. Clair in June of 2005.

Up bound M/V Gordon C. Leitch taken in June of 2005 just outside the East Outer Channel in Lake Erie.

This "bows on" view of the Barge Great Lakes Trader was taken in early July, 2005 in the Saginaw River. The picture was taken from the fantail of the M/V Maumee.

S/S Halifax taken on a June evening in 2005. The Halifax was just below the Amherstburg Channel and steaming up bound.

J.AW. Iglehart steaming slowly past the M/V Maumee (aka the Mothership) in the Saginaw River in mid-October, 2005.

A view of the officer's mess on the S/S John G. Munson, taken on December 25, 2004.


12/13 - Detroit River Traffic - Tom Welles

Gordon C. Leitch passes under the Ambassador Bridge, upbound at about 4:40 p.m.

Followed closely by Algoeast.

Both pushed through the first thin ice of season. Temps in low 20's.


12/13 - Saginaw River Traffic - Stephen Hause

Calumet up bound on December 7, following a track made in the ice by American Republic on the previous day.

The G. L. Ostrander-Integrity outbound early Monday morning after an usually short unload at the LaFarge terminal at Saginaw overnight. Normally cement boats remain at the dock for as long as 24 hours unloading. The vessel followed the track made through the ice by its up bound transit on Sunday evening.


12/13 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

G.L. Ostrander clearing the Lake State Railway bridge

Down bound at Smith Park in Essexville.

Close up of tug

Stern view


12/12 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe Collection

Carl W. Meyers ~ Western Lake Erie 1955

E. C. Pope ~ bound for Detroit from Toledo with a load of coal 1950

Parker Evans ~ Welland Canal 1970ís

Harvey H Brown ~ Down bound the Soo 1940ís

Harvey H Brown ~ Up bound the Detroit River 1940ís

Progresso ~ Western Lake Erie 1940ís

Panoil ~ Down bound the St. Clair River 1940ís

Panoil & Cemico Erie ~ At Nicholson's 1955

Wilfred Sykes ~ Maiden Voyage up bound the Amherstburg Channel

12/12 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Tug Manitou at Essroc.

Mark Hannah at Dow Chemical.



12/12 - Welland Canal Traffic - Alex Howard

Tug Ecosse above Lock 7

Stern view

Capt. Henry Jackman approaching the Homer Bridge

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin leaving Lock 4 down bound.

12/12 - USCG Mackinaw "Christmas Tree Ship" at the Chicago Navy Pier - Rich Werdell

Stern view

Chicago Harbor Light

Decorated Mackinaw

12/12 - Historical Perspectives - Brian Wroblewski

Marine Adder
What the C-4's like the Aquarama, McKee Sons, and Joseph H Thompson looked like before they were converted to lake ships. I found an old WW 2 era shot of USS Marine Adder showing the original shape of the C-4 Class ship as built.  Check out all of the Adder's empty gun tubs-I'd guess this shot must have been taken after the war or some time before or during the Korean war since all her AA equipment is gone but they haven't gotten around to removing the gun decks & tubs yet.

In the case of the Aquarama you can clearly see that they cut down her bow & stern combing and reversed the shape of the curve of the front deckline where it drops at the mid-ship's area to smooth out her lines. It's also interesting to see the original placement of her stack where the stern uptake is now and the original forward mounted pilothouse.

Canadiana steaming up the creek, in Buffalo, past the old DL&W Coal Dumper, now the site of the Erie Basin. She's on her way back from Crystal Beach and looks to be fully loaded with passengers. Date-unknown.


12/12 - Vantage Point, Port Huron Christmas Light Display & Weather Station - Frank Frisk

Weather Station Data can be found at this link

116' up.

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