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December 21, 2005



12/21 - Marquette Activity - Lee Rowe

Paul R. Tregurtha delivering coal.


12/20 - Gateway Terminal coal loaders, Lackawanna, NY - Brian Wroblewski


Sam Laud under the spouts.


12/20 - Historical Perspectives - John Belliveau

Amasa Stone under the Blue Water Bridge

Down bound St. Clair River

12/19 - New Mackinaw arrives in Cheboygan - Fred and Kathleen Stone

Old meets New

New Mac

Pilothouse visitors to new Mac

View from the pilothouse.

12/19 - New Mackinaw arrives in Cheboygan - Bonnie Barnes

New Mackinaw heading up the river to Cheboygan.

New Mac entering Cheboygan.

Old Mackinaw waiting for her successor to arrive.

Mac-30 approaches Mac-83

Two Macs meeting to pass the torch.

Mac-30 backing in behind Mac-86.

Mac-30 preparing for tours


12/19 - New Mackinaw arrives in Cheboygan - Ben McClain

Mackinaw (WAGB-83)

Mackinaw (WLBB-30)

12/19 - New Mackinaw arrives in Cheboygan -
Brent Michaels


12/19 - H. Lee White arrives in Lackawanna - Brian Wroblewski

Passing the South Buffalo Entrance Light.

Close up view.

12/19 - Upper Peninsula Activity - Ben & Chanda McClain

Cedarglen down bound in the MacArthur Lock

Approaching Mission Point

Heading on down the St. Marys River

Presque Isle heading under the Mackinaw Bridge in the snow.

12/19 - East Coast Activity - Matt Ruscher

Wilf Seymour  awaiting her barge Alouette Spirit to unload wood pulp in New London, Connecticut

Alouette Spirit - discharging wood pulp in New London, Connecticut

Sand Pebble- the Ex-North Tonawanda, NY tug seen with the registery painted over in New Beford, MA

Capricorn - discharging bagged road salt in Providence, RI

Shad - seen far from home in the Great Lakes Region on a dredging project near Providence, RI

YFN 1286- one of two US Naval barges used in the Erie Canal System

12/19 - Hollyhock picking up buoys from Presque Isle Bay at Erie, PA - Roman Kloecker

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