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December 24, 2005


12/24 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nichols

Agawa Canyon down bound off Windmill Point.

Stern view

Armco down bound in Lake St. Clair.

Stern view

Algosoo unloading at the St. Marys Cement Dock in the Rouge River.

Great Lakes Trader and Joyce L Van Enkevort down bound off Belle Isle

Stern view

Joyce L. Van Enkevort

BBC California in the Belle Isle Anchorage

Another view

12/23 - Detroit Area Traffic - Tom Welles

Lee A Tregurtha approaches Jefferson Ave bridge, two other freighters and a couple of tug barge combos to pass enroute.

Hollyhock heads up bound, passing Zug Island.

St. Clair backed into Zug Island channel, unloading.

Algorail unloads salt a Osburns dock in the Rouge. Two G-tugs assist in breaking ice to allow Algorail up the river.

Lee A. Tregurtha down bound in the river, hugging the Windsor side, ready for the turn up the Rouge River.

12/23 - Welland Canal Ice Pictures - Alex Howard


Radium Yellowknife flushing ice in lock 4.

Vac above lock 7.

Stephen B. Roman and Vac above lock 7.

Federal Kivaland above Lock 7.

John D. Leitch entering Lock 1.

12/23 - Welland Canal Ice Pictures - Paul Beesley

The tug Radium Yellowknife shown entering Lock 7 on her way down. She has just come out of drydock at Ramey's Bend and is proceeding to Toronto to work on the harbour front project over the winter.

The Vac is stopped in the ice above Lock 7. On the east wall is the Stephen B Roman and farther away on the west wall is the Federal Kivalina.

In this photograph the Algolake is secured to the wall above Lock 6 while the Radium Yellowknife is lowered in 6. The Seahound is seen sitting in the ice waiting for further instructions from Seaway Welland to assist as required.

The Radium Yellowknife in the pool between locks 7 and 6. The Yellowknife was allowed to pass the Algolake which was secured above Lock 6 in order to allow the lock to dump ice along with the tug.

Captain Henry Jackman up bound from Lock 2 toward Lock 3. Despite the appearance of normality the Welland Canal is still suffering from the ice conditions that have built up over the last few days. Just to the left of the Jackman there is ice all the way to Lock 2.

12/22 - Federal  Kivalina caught in the ice in Lock Seven, Welland Canal - Paul Beesley

Seahound working ahead of the Kivalina late Tuesday afternoon .

Here the Vac is seen as she moves the ice from the east side of the canal ahead of the Algolake. The Algolake is secured at the approach wall above Lock 7 waiting for the Kivalina to leave. As you can see today was windy and snowy.

Vac is clearing the ice from the west wall above Lock 7. The Federal Kivalina is preparing to make another attempt to back out of the lock.

The ice build-up between the ship and the lock wall that the back-hoe is attempting to break.

A view of the rudder and ice horn of the Kivalina surrounded by broken ice. This type of ice was also stuck between the ship and the lock wall to a depth of at least 4 feet for the entire length of the ship.

This view shows the ice between the ship and the wall. There is only 1 foot of clearance on each side of the ship while it is in the lock. This 1 foot was packed with ice as deep as 4 feet. (Probably more as some of the ice would be below the surface.

Kivalina with her engine going astern and her winches pulling aft on mooring lines. This failed to budge the ship.

The cavalry arrives in the guise of the John Spence. The Spence was down bound with her barge and the Seaway arranged for her to help. She secured the barge astern of the Algolake, turned in the Canal below the Algolake and backed down toward the Kivalina to hook up a tow line.

The John Spence slowly backing down toward the Federal Kivalina. (The crew of the Spence have put a lot of work into maintaining the tug and barge and both look good each trip they make through the canal. It certainly reflects well on the company. Hats off to all concerned!)

Another view of the John Spence backing toward the stuck Federal Kivalina.

The crew of the Spence reached out with a boathook to grab the lines lowered from the stern of the Kivalina. Two lines were passed and both were used during the various attempts to free the ship.

The tow lines have been secured on the Spence and she now awaits the OK from the Kivalina to pay out and then take up the slack. While this work was going on the heavy equipment on the east side of the lock continued to work on the ice.

The John Spence has now paid out some tow line and taken up the slack. Once all is ready they will increase power.

The John Spence is now pulling ahead while the Kivalina has her engine astern. Despite a number of efforts over several hours the Kivalina did not move.

After several attempts to pull the Kivalina out of the lock the Spence shortened the tow. This did not work either. In this photo the Spence is sitting close to the Kivalina while other work continues on the east side of the ship and other plans are considered.(

Meanwhile, the tug Vac required fuel. A tank truck was brought in and approximately 3500 litres was loaded onto the Vac.
 As you can see the sky has cleared. Just in time for the sun to set and the clear skies to promote cold, ice-forming, temperatures.

After sunset the John Spence takes a break while deliberations occur.
This was about 5:00 p.m.

12/22 - Milwaukee Traffic - Jim Zeirke

The Iglehart docked near the Gillen Ship Repair dock as seen from the St. Marys Cement dock.

Bow view showing evidence of her icy trip to Milwaukee

A closer view of the bow. Note the work light hanging off the starboard side.

Looking towards the front and showing the unloading boom.

Looking towards the rear. The boat on the trailer belongs to Luedtke Engineering who apparently had been doing some work on the Iglehart.

Tug Leona B positioning an empty barge at the Greenfield Ave. coal dock

Leona B coming into her dock near the Great Lakes Towing Company dock.

The Leona B's crew is definitely into the Christmas spirit.

The job is always easier in summer. The mate using a pike pole to clear ice from between the Leona B and the dock.

Safely docked. Note the antlers on the bow. Obviously a successful hunt as well.

12/22 - Marquette Traffic - Lee Rowe

Charles M. Beeghly

Deckhand barely visible in the snow.

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder.

Unnecessary sign

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